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Published at 1st of January 2021 02:15:25 AM

Chapter 2202

On a cold, winter night in this bustling city, he suddenly did not feel so lonely anymore!

It’s great being able to spend New Year’s with everyone…

Song Zhengguo was inevitably shocked by the call he received from the hospital . When he rushed over with Jiang Qimeng, all they saw was their son lying in the intensive care unit with his face badly swollen and his limbs and bones broken at several places .

New Year’s Eve was just right around the corner . It was going to be the next year soon, yet his son was lying in the hospital . He felt as if he had been hit with a stroke of bad luck .

This son of theirs was just fine yesterday, but after he headed out in the middle of the night, they received a call notifying them that he was in the hospital . The old couple hurried over, only to see him battered and exhausted on the bed . It was obvious that he had been beaten up by someone!

The mother felt as if a knife were piercing her heart as she dashed to the bed, her tears falling like raindrops . “Yunxi… Yunxi…”

However, after calling out to him for half a day, the young chap did not have the energy to respond to her .

He was still partly unconscious and muddleheaded . With his lower jaw unhitched, he could not even open his mouth to talk .

She gritted her teeth and cursed, “Which b*st*rd would beat someone up until he’s this?! It’s close to New Year—such bad luck!”

The father stood by the bed and examined his son with furrowed brows . “What exactly did this son of ours do last night?! He’s clearly been beaten up by someone! Where did he go and who did he mingle with?!”

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His wife could not respond as tears streamed down her face .

He was momentarily frustrated . He smacked the bedside cabinet and swore, “Cry! That’s the only thing you do! You only know how to cry when you’re facing troubles . What else can you do besides that?!”

“How can I not be heartbroken when our boy is reduced to such a state?!”

She retorted indignantly, “I don’t know where he went last night either! If not for the call you received from the hospital, I would think that he had just gone somewhere to mess around!”

“You can’t look after our daughter and you can’t discipline our son properly either! Can you put in more effort as their mother?!”

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Before she could refute him and defend herself, a row of doctors and nurses came through the door . When the head doctor saw the middle-aged man, he immediately greeted him politely and courteously, “Mayor Song, nice to meet you!”

The doctor exchanged pleasantries with Song Zhengguo before inviting him to his office to share the details of his son’s injuries .

Half an hour later, he walked back in the room with a dark expression and sat by the bedside angrily . Song Yunxi was still unconscious . Jiang Qimeng walked over and asked worriedly, “Husband, what did the doctor tell you?”

“This rascal was seriously injured by someone! Not only did he have broken ribs, knees, and hamstrings, he also suffered from internal bleeding and got a mild cerebral concussion . The doctor said that this couldn’t have been done by only one person . It’s more like a group fight! He will not recover any time soon! Even after surgery, there will still be inevitable sequela… Some of our son’s injuries signify that he will have to retire from the military early!”

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“Retire from the military?!”

She widened her eyes in shock . “Why?!”

Song Yunxi was currently serving in the BU military unit . Due to his celebrated merits and remarkable background, his future was bound to be bright if he continued to serve in the army .