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Published at 1st of January 2021 02:15:30 AM

Chapter 2201

Some fireworks were over 10 yuan for a bundle, while some were worth several hundred yuan for just one second . These fireworks were the ones she had never thought of buying .

In recent years, the local government had imposed a strict prohibition of setting off fireworks in the city . Nonetheless, there were many people who would still light fireworks near the river bank on New Year’s Eve . First, it was fun and exciting . Second, playing with fireworks was suitable for the young and the old . It was one of the children’s favorite activities . Without it, it was inevitable that some of the festive mood would be lost .

Setting off fireworks was an old tradition by the ancestors . It would be a pity to lose it .

Gong Jie consented cheerfully . “Sure!”

“Then, it is settled! Come by at 6 PM, and don’t be late, or else you’ll have to drink!” warned his sister .


Knowing that his mother was talking to his uncle on the phone, Youyou rushed to the side and shouted, “Uncle, you must remember to give red packets to Little Yichen and me!”

Gong Jie laughed on the other end . “Little Tuhao, are you sure you will be keen on my red packet?”

“It is still a token of your appreciation . As for how much you will give, it will depend on your performance!” The boy was a little imp, so he had his uncle wrapped around his fingers with just a few words .

The man cleared his throat and declared, “Just wait obediently for your uncle’s red packet!”

Yun Shishi was incomparably happy after hanging up the call . She felt as if she were sitting on a helium balloon which was slowly floating into the clouds .

This was when she happened upon Hua Jin’s number . Feeling stunned for a moment, she then furrowed her brows, hesitating a bit before decisively dialing the number while hiding a trace of expectation .

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In the City Apartment .

Hua Jin, who was dressed in a bathrobe, was leaning against the window, admiring the beautiful nightscape, when his phone rang . He immediately answered it, only to hear Yun Shishi’s gentle and careful voice . “Hua Jin, it is New Year’s Eve tomorrow . Do you want to come over to my house for dinner?”

He was unable to react in time, causing him to cough when a breath of smoke stuck in his throat .

Hearing the worrying coughs on the other end, the woman raised her brow and asked in surprise, “What’s wrong?”

The reason the woman thought of him was out of worry that it would be lonely for him to be by himself with his relatives not around .

Therefore, she thought of inviting him over to celebrate the new year together .

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The idol was stunned for a moment before suddenly laughing . “Why did you suddenly think of me?”

“Because it is the New Year! Isn’t it lonely to spend it by yourself? It is New Year’s Eve, after all, so it will be more festive with more people around!” She paused for a moment before she asked, “What’s wrong? Do you not want to, or perhaps you already have plans?”

“No! No…”

Hua Jin immediately responded, “It’s just that I was surprised . I didn’t think you’d ask me to spend New Year’s Eve together!”

“That’s because you are also part of my family!” replied Yun Shishi matter-of-factly .

He froze . For a moment, his lips curled into a smile as he felt warmth envelop around him . ‘Family’ was such a simple term, yet it was incomparably moving .

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“Alright!” he replied gently .

“Then, make sure to come tomorrow! I’ve reserved you a bowl and chopsticks! After dinner, we will be heading to the river bank to play with fireworks, alright?”


After hanging up the phone, he glanced at his mobile screen and could not stop smiling . His heart felt extremely warm and cozy .

It feels great to be remembered!