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Published at 28th of December 2020 11:40:09 PM

Chapter 2197: 2197
Chapter 2197: Getting Beaten Up

Eventually, when he dragged his tired yet inebriated self to leave the place, a group of black-clothed men suddenly barged into the private room .

By now, he was totally wasted to the point that he was staggering and stumbling all over . He swept a look at this group before him and hotly shouted, “What are you guys looking at?!”

Leading these black-clothed men was an imposing fellow, who smilingly said, “You haven’t settled your payment yet, Young Master Song!”

“What payment?!” he demanded curtly . “Didn’t I only open two bottles of red wine?!”

At the man’s signal, the waiter handed the bill over expressionlessly to him . His anger flared up when he saw the amount stated on the receipt . “8,880,000 yuan?!”

“That’s right! Please settle the payment before you leave!”

These people were obviously picking a bone with him .

This place belonged to the Gu family, after all . These men, having heard that someone was out to insult their master and had caused a scene on their turf, would naturally try to find ways to make things difficult for him!

“The two bottles of dry red wine cost eight million, while the wine glass you smashed earlier cost 880,000 yuan . Please settle the payment before you leave!”

“My ass! How can that wine be so expensive? You’re clearly out to extort money from me!”

“Cut the crap and just hand over the money . We’ll no longer play nice if you refuse to pay up!”

Being in a sloshed state, Song Yunxi was not afraid of them at all . He slammed his hand on the table and shot back at them, “Do you guys know who I am?! I’m the mayor’s son! What can you possibly do to me?!”

“Ha ha ha…”

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The group of people cracked up upon hearing that and did not cease laughing for a good while .

He felt embarrassed and humiliated by their response, so he demanded fiercely, “What are you laughing about?!”

Someone among the group scoffed at him . “To hell with the mayor! Even if the president himself is here, we go by our rules! Mind you, while you’re standing on our turf, you’ll have to play according to our rules! It’s fine if you refuse to pay up, just don’t blame us for turning nasty!”

With that, that person ordered his men, “This chap here dared to dine and dash on our turf; go teach him a good lesson!”

His subordinates, who had been eyeing the scion hungrily from behind their leader, immediately charged forward, surrounded the brazen chap, and gave the latter a good thrashing .

Even though Song Yunxi had a military background and received training in the army, the punches he threw in his current inebriated state were all light and fluttering; there was no strength in them at all . Soon enough, he became at the losing end and got badly beaten up .

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Some ten minutes later, he was kicked out of the private club like some sort of trash . He fell to the ground, looking all swollen and bruised .

That man jeered, “Don’t come here and act rich if you don’t have the money, you blithering idiot!”

The door was then closed amid raucous laughter from these people .

With much difficulty, he managed to climb up and stand on his two, wobbly legs . He touched his broken nose, only to feel an excruciating pain shooting through him, and saw his palm stained with fresh blood when he looked down at it . Gritting his teeth, he turned around and walked away unsteadily . Alas, he soon collapsed again after taking just a few steps .

The leader of the black-clothed men walked into the conference room, where his boss was sitting before a table and leisurely flipping through some documents . He respectfully reported, “Master Gu, we’re done clearing the rubbish!”

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Gu Jinglian did not bother to bat an eyelid as he ordered, “Open your eyes wide and see clearly from now on; don’t let just anyone come into the club . ”

“Understood, sir . ”

All of a sudden, he was struck with a thought, which prompted him to follow-up with a question . “Is he dead yet?”

His underling shook his head and reported, “No, but he’s on the verge of death!”