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Published at 27th of December 2020 11:35:10 PM

Chapter 2193


Unbeknown to them, Song Yunxi had been standing on the upper level, quietly listening to their conversation all this time . The young chap could take it no longer and blurted out, “Dad, why are you still afraid of that man?! Uncle Mu doesn’t have his family’s backing anymore; he has nothing to his name now, so we don’t have to continue giving him face! If you can’t settle him yourself, then I’ll do it on your behalf! I know a band of brothers who can finish off a man like him easily! He’s just a poor chap without power and money!”

“B*st*rd!” His father looked up and lambasted him . “You-who-know-nothing, you’re in no position to rant! Speaking of your so-called brothers, don’t tell me you’re referring to the Gus? Haven’t I told you to stop mixing around with the mafia?! Why are you still speaking to them behind my back?!”

Looking embarrassed and upset, the young chap was stumped on the spot with a red face . “I—”

“If you are so free, why don’t you read books to gain more knowledge? Do you think that your uncle is really down and out without the Mus’ support?!” His father scoffed and continued mockingly . “That arrogant fella wouldn’t have walked away so casually without laying down an exit plan for himself! You may think he’s without power and status, but if you go against him directly, you are bound to lose! He established a network of his, with support from legal and illegal sources alike, when he was still the Mu empire’s chief! Don’t you try to hit a rock with an egg!”

The young man was put off by his father’s criticism . After snorting indignantly, he turned around and dashed off to his room, closing the door with a loud bang!

This antagonized his father further as the middle-aged man continued angrily . “It looks like this chap is too spoiled, too! How dared he throw a tantrum just because I chided him?! Are the two siblings trying to drive me to death?!”

His wife immediately tried to appease him . “The boy is still young and impulsive . You need not bother with him!”

He did not agree, though . “He’s already in his twenties, so how can you say that he’s young and impulsive? If not, then when can he learn prudence? Must he reach his seventies or eighties before he learns something?”

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Inside his supposedly soundproofed room, Song Yunxi listened to his father’s angry reprimand with increasing frustration . His hands balled into fists, and having nowhere to vent his unhappiness, he punched the door, instead . After hitting the door ferociously several times, seemingly unperturbed by the pain on his fists, he was finally able to release some of his pent-up emotions!

Mu Yazhe!

That ruthless man!

If not for him, our family wouldn’t end up in such a plight!

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No way!

I won’t take this lying down . That guy must be taught a lesson, or he’ll take us as mere pushovers!

The young man’s eyes glinted with wild fury at the thought!

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It was late at night where the scene was bustling on East Street .

Inside Jingyi Elite Private Club .

As the most exclusive private club on East Street, as well as one of the Big Fives within the capital, it had all the facilities in one place for entertainment, conference, and accommodation . Not everyone, not even an upstart, could afford a club like this where the membership fee cost millions a year . Those who frequent this club were the business elites and nobilities .