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Published at 24th of December 2020 02:20:17 PM

Chapter 2183

She looked terribly awkward, especially in her milk-stained skirt . The girl would need to change out of her attire at the very least!

Song Zhengguo finally calmed down to reassess the situation . “Am I correct to say that Enya is carrying Mu Yancheng’s baby?”

The mother-son duo glanced at each other before nodding their heads .

Without his daughter around, the middle-aged man could finally take a drag without concern . He took a few deep puffs on his stick and spoke up again after mulling for some time . “She has to abort the fetus now before it’s too late!”

His wife was somewhat surprised by his decision, though . “Abort?!”

“What do you expect, then?” Her husband snorted begrudgingly before continuing . “Or do you want her to keep the illegitimate baby?”

The son was worried . “But… will Enya agree to that?”

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“This is no longer her decision to make! She had promised to listen to me earlier when we were in the car . We can’t keep the baby! The Songs will turn into a laughingstock if others find out that she has a baby when she’s still unmarried! While no one knows about this yet, I’d better arrange for a reliable hospital to get rid of the child!”

The middle-aged man was so calm and composed that he sounded almost cruel as he laid out the plan .

Although he seemed ruthless in his pragmatism, his son could tell that his father was actually feeling pained inside, yet he still forced those words out of his mouth!

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It was true that keeping the baby would spell a bad end for his sister and ruin their family’s reputation!

They could not afford one wrong move!

“I think that there’s no need to abort the baby,” Jiang Qimeng quipped suddenly .

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Surprisingly, her husband did not rebut her this time and, instead, asked her to elaborate . “In your opinion, what should we do with the baby inside her now?”

The middle-aged lady was rather astonished by his response . All along, she had no say in this household, so she was quite flattered to see him seeking her view this time .

“In my opinion, it’s better for her to carry the baby for Mu Yancheng rather than Mu Yazhe! Think about it; now that Mu Yazhe has relinquished his responsibility as the family head and can no longer return, he has nothing on him now . That man is a goner, but that isn’t the case for Mu Yancheng! That chap still has standing in his family despite him not heading the Mu empire yet . If he marries our Enya, we can easily support him in his quest for the honorary title! It won’t be difficult for him to get that position with our help! Perhaps we can speak to him about this and see if he’ll agree! Besides, he should count himself fortunate to marry our daughter . If our families can come together in marriage, our daughter will rise up in rank within the Mus because of the child! Who knows? She may even be the next matriarch of that household! Both sides will benefit greatly in this liaison . Mu Yancheng is a prudent man; I’m sure that he will accept our proposal as long as it can help him in his plan . ” The lady eloquently shared her plan with the others .

Her husband was not impressed, though . “He he! You make it sound easy, but what makes you think that Mu Yancheng will accede to this plan? He has never seen our daughter before, so where did the child come from overnight?! Will he believe it?! Even assuming that he believes us, what should we tell him when he asks for the truth behind the pregnancy?”