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Chapter 2174: 2174

After hearing what the younger man had icily said, Song Zhengguo sucked in a deep breath of cold air and, with nowhere to vent his anger, tried to keep his temper in check . He took a moment to study the younger man’s aloof expression as he did his best to swallow his indignation by slowly releasing his breath .

This chap was not one to lie .


He could hardly believe that his daughter, who was the apple of his eye, had the audacity to say such unfilial words!

Use the influence of her maiden family?

Support Mu Yazhe to reclaim the title as the Mu family’s head?

She’s even snubbed by him despite extending good will!

Even my reputation as a highly respected mayor has been tarnished alongside hers!

This daughter of his had grown up showered with love and affection, only to be blinded by the so-called love for her uncle—a man whom she should not be falling for at all .

She was so swept away by her immoral love that she would go all out to help him at the expense of her family . She was willing to make use of their influence to help the man stage his comeback .

The point was, did that person even care about receiving her help?

No .

It was not as if he had not arranged blind dates for her . With a status as lofty as hers, what sort of man could she not get?

However, she only had eyes for this iceberg!

Did this foolish daughter of his not realize that she was caught up in a fatal attraction, just like how a moth was attracted to a flame?

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He wanted so much to give his daughter a fierce tongue-lashing for her to wake up from her fantasies and see clearly just how cruel the man she loved was toward her . The latter spared no consideration for her dignity and even humiliated her in front of so many people!

Right now, the fury within him was growing the more he thought about it . He really wanted to slap his daughter’s face several times, but at the sight of her dismal yet despondent appearance and how she vacantly stared at her knees, he could not help but find her pitiful . He could not bear to see her in this state, and as such, the harsh words that came to his lips got swallowed back down .

“Forget it!”

In consideration of his manner and poise, the middle-aged man restrained his anger and displeasure, ordering with a wave of his hand, “Let’s go home!”

Song Enya’s eyes bulged wide, only to hear her father instructing her brother, “Yunxi, help your sister to the car and bring her home!”

The young missy burst into tears again upon hearing that .

Her father immediately scolded, “Why are you crying again?!”

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“I’m too ashamed to go back…” She croaked miserably and despairingly with a shake of her head .

For the implementation of this plan, she had gambled everything of hers, exhausting all her strength and even sacrificing her family’s interests, just for a chance to be with her beloved man even through an inglorious yet far-fetched reason .

All she wanted was to remain by his side, regardless of whether their affair was a secret or not!

Experiencing his cruelty firsthand, however, had made her give up on him!

She had truly and completely given up on him at this time!

Feeling indignant, she refused to give up her feelings for this man at first and tried to get closer to him time and again . Alas, only now did she realize that all her effort had been in vain!

She no longer harbored any illusions about him!

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Like a moth which had flown straight into a fire and eventually burned itself into ashes, she, too, had gotten herself burned all over .

She had lost all face to return to her family!

She could not go back!

She could no longer go back to the past .

She could no longer go back to how she was with her Brother Mu and family…

Like a condemned sinner, she hated her ignorance and naivety!