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Published at 21st of December 2020 12:05:09 AM

Chapter 2173: 2173
Chapter 2173: Proven Wrong

Mu Yazhe, being no pushover, naturally did not bother sparing the snotty politician any face . Right in front of everyone, he spoke in an extremely insulting tone . “This foolish daughter of yours stole my sperm from the Mu family’s sperm bank and underwent IVF procedure abroad to conceive my child!”

What the older couple heard got them widening their eyes in utter shock and disbelief . “What?!”

Song Yunxi stared wide-eyed at his sister .


Trust this lass to do such a thing!

The nerve she’s got to steal Uncle Mu’s sperms and flee abroad to undergo IVF procedure!

Is she out of her mind?

He belatedly recalled that a large sum had mysteriously disappeared from his bank account when his sister went missing . It was an eight-figure sum which his father had entrusted him to manage, and those funds were untouchable!

Surely, she didn’t use it to do foolish acts, like bribing the sperm bank’s management, stealing sperms, and going overseas to do artificial insemination?!

She must’ve been possessed!

The young man bit his bottom lip in anxiety . Since his father had not discovered anything about this and did not ask about the funds, he had not mentioned it to him and was even more afraid to break this news to him now . Should he reveal that the money had been misappropriated by his sister, his father would surely cripple her out of rage! There was a chance that she and the child in her stomach might lose their lives!

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Just thinking about this was enough to make him break out in a cold sweat . He could not help worrying endlessly for his sister .

Meanwhile, Song Enya was sobbing away as she dumbly held her stinging cheek, hearing nothing at all with the continuous buzzing sound in one of her ears . All she could see, in her daze, was her father’s increasingly sullen yet terrifying countenance .

“IVF procedure?!”

“Hah! She probably planned to conceive my child so that she could blackmail me into marrying her! Unfortunately, she was stupid enough to steal the wrong sperms and ended up conceiving Mu Yancheng’s child, instead!” Using the harshest words, Mu Yazhe humiliated his niece as best as he could .

Upon hearing that, Song Zhengguo’s body swayed as though he were about to fall over, and he very nearly lost his dignity . His expression was dark and filled with complex feelings as he balled up his fists and spat, “That’s impossible!”

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To maintain his dignity and reputation, he flatly denied the truth and spouted this in all confidence, “My daughter may do foolish acts at times, but she’ll never do such a ridiculous thing!”

“Why don’t you go home and ask her about it?”

The man continued sarcastically . “Even after knowing that I’ve stepped down from my post, she shamelessly came looking for me, acted all unreasonable, and daringly demanded that my wife gives up her position to her . She even wants me to marry her, return to the Mus, and continue helming the company . She claimed that she’ll use the influence of her maiden family to support me . How ludicrous!”

“Brother Mu!” screeched the young lady, who could no longer bear to hear him go on, with hands covering her ears . Her eyes were brimmed with tears as she piteously begged, “Please stop… Don’t say anymore…”

Please have mercy on me and don’t drive me into a dead end!

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“Fine . I won’t go on, but don’t pin the child on me . Even if the child is mine, I will never acknowledge it! I won’t acknowledge the child born by just any woman!”

These words indubitably stripped the last bit of Song Zhengguo’s face!

The chap was obviously insulting him at every chance he got!