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Chapter 2163: 2163

He nodded in response .

“Well, then, go ahead since she’s eager to see you!” she said .

He was somewhat surprised to hear that . “Are you so at ease with me meeting her?”

“What do you expect, then?” She ruffled her damp tresses teasingly at the man while giving him a seductive smile . “I don’t believe that you can ignore a pretty wife like me at home just to meet someone else at such a late hour!”

I doubt he has the guts to do anything behind my back . Hmph!

He laughed good-naturedly, then suddenly ordered in his signature aloof voice, “I give you ten minutes to blow-dry your hair . ”

“What for?” she asked him, her eyes wide in disbelief .

The man stubbed out his cigarette, took a deep breath, and slowly got up from the bed . Walking to her side, he caught her hand and kissed her fingertips lightly .

“You are coming with me . ”

She was taken aback but recovered soon enough to smile in response . “Alright . ”

Half an hour later, the man reached the meeting place in his car . After he parked the vehicle, Yun Shishi alighted, only to be taken by surprise when she saw where they were .

Isn’t this where I met Song Enya earlier?

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Don’t tell me that she hasn’t left the place since then?

It’s already eleven in the evening . The café should be closed by now, shouldn’t it?

After Mu Yazhe locked the car, he saw her stunned look when he went up to hug her . “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing much! Let’s go in . ”

She smiled at the man when he reached out to lock palms with her . The two walked into the café just like that .

The moment they stepped inside, an employee was quick to greet them with a jittery smile . “Dear customers, I’m sorry but we are closed for the day…”

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“Someone has asked to meet here . ”

The waitress immediately realized who they were meeting the moment he expressed the purpose of their visit . While shaking her head in resignation, she asked, “Are you meeting that lady? Actually, it’s way past our closing time, but she looks so down inside that private room that we feel bad about chasing her away . If it’s no trouble, can you please advise her to leave? It’s because we want to go home soon!”

The café was originally slated to close at 10 PM and it was already 11 PM by then . Unfortunately, they could not leave if a customer was still inside .

Yun Shishi nodded .

The waitress led them to the room’s entrance with a smile . “She’s inside!”

After saying that, she pushed open the door .

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Inside the room, Song Enya got unusually agitated when she heard footsteps outside the door .

Brother Mu is here! That’s fast!

She thought she would not have a chance to meet him tonight, but he showed up in the end, much to her delight!

He must be here because he still cared for her! There was still a place for her in his heart! If that was the case, then it would be to her advantage later!

She knew her uncle well . He was a sentimental man; thus, even though she had done many things that had angered him in the past, she reckoned that he would set those aside for the sake of the bond between them . Now that she was carrying his flesh and blood, he would definitely hold himself accountable for her!

She ran toward the door with newfound hope . As she saw Mu Yazhe emerging from the doorway, a beautiful smile spread across her face as she called out gently, “Brother Mu!”

She was about to jump into his arms happily when she saw his hand holding someone else’s, then Yun Shishi emerged from his shadow…