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Published at 17th of December 2020 02:25:11 AM

Chapter 2162: 2162

He took a long drag on his cigarette without saying anything; the sound of crying continued as he held the phone next to his ear .

Her helplessness and despondency did not move him one bit .

He had lost all hopes in this niece of his, so even if she were to show him her most pitiful side, it would hardly move him into action .

“Brother Mu, can you come over? There’s something I have to tell you!” The young lady sobbed on the phone .

Mulling on it a while, he eventually agreed . “Alright, where are you?”

“I’m at a downtown café . That’s the one where I’ve invited you for coffee once . I’ll wait for you in their private room!”

How she wished he would appear by her side within the next second!

He agreed and cut the line . Just as he was putting down the phone, he saw his wife walking into the bedroom . She heard him on the line just then when she was in the toilet and had an inkling on who might be speaking to him .

Suspecting that the missy had reached out to her man, she dashed out of the bathroom warily without drying her hair .

The man chuckled when he saw her guarded look .

This silly girl is rather alert!

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After clearing her throat, she tried to maintain her composure while asking, “Who called you at this late hour?”

“My niece . ” He calmly glanced at her before giving that reply .

“Hmph! I knew it!”

“Why did you ask, then, if you knew who had called me?”

She shot him a glare, then pouted . Actually, she wanted to see if he would be truthful with her!

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The man had, after all, been very elusive with his affairs in the past . However, since that day when she voiced her grievance to him, his behavior had improved by leaps and bounds .

Now, whenever she asked, he would patiently explain his affairs to her, even if it was some boring business matters that she did not understand .

Satisfied that he had no intention of hiding his niece’s call from her, she continued with a pout, “I’m guessing that she called you to talk about the child in her stomach, right? Poor lady; she must still be thinking that she has your kid!”

She had come to realize how scheming her husband was at this point!

This man was conniving enough to let his niece carry out her plot without revealing his anger or awareness, so much so that even a woman as guarded as Song Enya was kept in the dark . He made the swap quietly, then sat back to watch his niece go through all the pain with the in-vitro fertilization procedure just for a chance to bear his kid .

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It was hard to imagine how the man could come up with such an impeccable plan without losing his nerves .

Indeed, he had gotten his former title as the Mu family’s head not by luck . It would be impossible for him to climb to that post without scheming, after all .

Still, it came as a surprise to her as she watched him lay out his plan .

Toward such a man, it was best to be on his side . His enemies would only end up being played without knowing it!

This comforted her somewhat; in fact, she felt a mild tinge of sympathy for her rival .

On second thought, though, the missy had it coming . She had to bear her karma!

“Did she ask to meet you?” asked Yun Shishi .