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Published at 19th of December 2020 02:20:42 PM

Chapter 2160

A frown formed on his face . He did not quite understand what she meant by ‘if his plan failed . ’

“What if you didn’t manage to replace your sperms with Mu Yancheng’s… and Song Enya succeeded in conceiving your child, what would you do?”

The woman stared at him earnestly, desperate to get an answer from him .

The reason she had posed such an assumptive question was none other than her insecurity rearing its ugly head .

With insufferably arrogance written all over his face, Mu Yazhe hooked his lips into a smile . “No such thing . If a man can’t even exercise self-restraint, won’t he be an utter failure in life?”

“What if your plan failed, though? One could never be too certain, right? What if that happened?”

Her paranoia had her stubbornly insisting on an answer . She was curious about the actions her husband would take should things reach such a stage .

Would he still be so cool about it if Song Enya was expecting his child?

He mulled on the question for a moment before he unhesitatingly answered, “I’ll probably force her to abort the child!”


Feeling utterly shocked, she stared wide-eyed at the man with bated breath .


He’d do such a cruel thing?

As much as she hated—no, abhorred—his niece, the child in her stomach was innocent .

Still, she was not much surprised by his answer, for he had always been a ruthless person who would not spare those who crossed him .

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In fact, such an answer injected her with a great sense of security!

This was the best way to protect her in her opinion .

He probably chose to do such a thing to reduce the hurt the matter would bring her to a minimum .

That said, this man’s callousness could truly strike fear in others at times!

She posed another question at him out of the blue . “That’s your flesh and blood we’re talking about, though . Can you bear to do such a thing?”

Dipping his head, Mu Yazhe brought the woman in his embrace as he teasingly stroked her ruddy lips with his fingers, alternating between pressing it hard and gently . He lowered his tender gaze on hers before leaning over and lightly giving the corner of her lips a peck .

Her crimson lips parted slightly to sink her teeth into his fingertip, but as she did not use too much pressure, it was akin to a kitten’s bite .

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From his perspective, this subtle action of hers was a seductive move .

The woman spitefully said, “Keep your personal fief in check from now on and don’t let such a thing happen again!”

As soon as she said that, she instinctively realized that her words had a bit of a double-meaning in them . Her face flushed instantly .

What personal fief…

Why did I unconsciously say such misleading words?

I must’ve been led astray by him!

“What I mean is,” she hastily explained, “I don’t want to see a repeat of this ridiculous matter!”

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Finding what he had heard highly interesting, he nodded in agreement . “Okay, I will be sure to manage my personal fief and won’t allow a repeat of this incident!”

The man then lowered his head and captured her lips in his to engage in a long, lingering kiss . Thereafter, he put a hand on her nape, pressed his mouth against the corner of her lips, and cooed seductively, “There can only be one mother for my children, and that’s you!”

Her pupils shrank for a moment, and she felt a warm current seemingly flowing into her heart .

She was touched by those words!

They nearly melted her heart, filling it with warmth that she had never felt before!

He said that there can only be one mother for his children!

And that’s me!

Is that a promise?!