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Published at 13th of December 2020 12:15:23 AM

Chapter 2147

Mu Yancheng had frozen a sperm batch when he was eighteen and an even more remarkable batch when he was twenty-four .

He could not help but suspect if this woman had spent a hefty sum to pull this trick of conceiving his child through artificial insemination!

It was hard to fault him for conjuring such a morbid theory; after all, he was born into a very powerful family, and there was no lack of women who would try to pull similar stunts around him there .

In the sort of family he had, such incidents were a common occurrence .

Of course, he would cast his suspicion on Meng Qingxue .

The woman initially did not understand what he meant and glared at him with wide, innocent eyes .

“What do you mean by that?”

“Don’t act like a fool . You should know what I’m talking about!”

Suddenly, the man sneered . “Did you go through artificial insemination to bear my child?”

She was mercilessly taken aback!

Meng Qingxue was flabbergasted . There was such a way to get pregnant? What was more heart-wrenching for her, though, was her dearly beloved man actually suspecting her of pulling such a sinister scheme!

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By the time she came back to her senses, her face was already soaked in tears . With a heart full of anguish, she asked indignantly, “How dare you take my effort for something sinister… Yancheng, it’s been three years—we’ve been together for so long, but you have never trusted me, have you?!”

She always thought that, as long as she maintained her resolution and was sincere enough, he would know how earnest she was toward him!

She had never demanded anything from him all along . Even when she was hard-pressed for cash, she had never touched his money once .

Yes .

He would transfer money to her account every month, but she would withdraw a little for daily expenditure only when necessary . Essentially, she had never once squandered his money .

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Most women her age would be wearing beautiful clothes, carrying branded bags, and applying exquisite makeup, but she was the only one who remained bare-faced and dressed plainly . She even scrimped on using the most ordinary skincare products .

She had a few caring friends when she had just entered the modeling industry, but they had grown distant and lost contact with her ever since she got together with this man .

She was like an individual who had been cut off from others as she lived quietly in a place he had forgotten about . To live on with dignity, she had exhausted all her energy . She assumed that, by doing this for him to see, he would be able to sense her genuine feelings for him, which were not tainted by even a speck of impurity .

Who did not dream about being a millionaire?!

Previously, not just one sister in the modeling scene advised her to leave this heartless man and seek someone more well-matched to be her husband .

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With her traits, it was not entirely difficult to find a man who would cherish and dote on her .

She had truly not expected that her genuine and silent sacrifices would not only fail to move his heart made of stone but would also result in him making such a conjecture about her .

Even if she had such a scheme, there was no need for her to be in such dismal, dire straits!

Why did this man not know how her heart was?

All in all, it was because he did not love her enough!

That was why he could not emphasize with her feelings!

When she thought about this, Meng Qingxue’s heart inevitably became utterly cold and discouraged!