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Published at 11th of December 2020 10:55:08 PM

Chapter 2146: 2146
Chapter 2146: How can this child be mine?

The smile on the woman’s face stiffened . The hands, which had been pried off him, slipped onto the couch as she felt weak all over .

Ignoring her crestfallen face, Mu Yancheng questioned heartlessly, “Meng Qingxue, what kind of joke are you pulling?!”

“It’s impossible . It’s impossible! How can you be pregnant?”

“How can this child be mine?!” He was still in disbelief .

His cold and cruel interrogation was like thunder amid a clear sky . The woman felt as if her heart had been stabbed and was now bleeding profusely .

“How can it be… If this child isn’t yours, then whose is it?!”

She was close to wailing as she questioned him back, her eyes filled with tears .

The man was moved by her tears as he was not devoid of feelings for her . Feeling dejected, his heart still softened when he saw her crying . Therefore, he asked slightly more warmly compared to earlier, “Haven’t you been taking pills regularly?”

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Like most men, he disliked wearing condoms . However, he was afraid of causing any slip-ups, so he always reminded her to take her medication . In fact, in the beginning, he would personally watch her consume the contraceptives before getting it on without restraint .

Later on, though, receiving her promise that she would take her pills without fail before doing the deed and would never cause him any trouble, he decided to trust her . Therefore, he no longer supervised her over the matter .

“Haven’t you been taking your pills?”

Meng Qingxue’s eyes drooped in disappointment as she nodded her head lifelessly .

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Doubt flashed across his eyes as Mu Yancheng grilled her some more . “Could it be that you’ve stopped your medication?!”


Feeling even more wronged, tears fell until her eyes became swollen red . She then refuted while looking pitiful, “I’ve never missed taking my pills at all! I’ve always done everything that I promised you!”

“Then, how could you get pregnant?!”

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His voice reverberated as he squinted his eyes at her, cursing inwardly, Could she have perhaps cheated on me when I wasn’t around until she got herself knocked up?!

Despite suspecting this, he did not declare it . How could Meng Qingxue not understand his expression, though? That suspicious and hurtful look undoubtedly hit her in the heart as she pushed his shoulders away roughly . Exasperated, she cried, “Are you suspecting me of being unfaithful?! I didn’t! I really didn’t! So don’t look at me with that expression, alright?! If you doubt me and don’t trust me, I can do a paternity test with you!”

Mu Yancheng’s heart softened, but his thoughts were in a whirl to the point that he could not bring himself to care about her feelings!

He blurted out heartlessly, “Qingxue, don’t tell me that you used some underhanded means to be pregnant with my child? Did you fantasize that you’d be valuable with a son, so you used some tricks to conceive this child? Did you plan to blackmail me into entering my family and becoming my wife with this?!”

The Mu family had advanced medical knowledge . Moreover, there was a sperm bank belonging to their family . This was a classified, forbidden area safeguarding a few generations’ worth of Mus’ sperm samples .

Those stored in the sperm bank were mostly collected from the men in the family when they were young, and they were cryogenically frozen for safekeeping . This was done with the intention of preserving their bloodline .