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Published at 11th of December 2020 02:25:09 PM

Chapter 2145: 2145

Meng Qingxue was clueless on what was happening to her body, for she was still young . Hurriedly looking it up on the Internet, she eventually concluded that she might be pregnant .

She had been very apprehensive and uneasy . She went to the women and children’s hospital for a series of checkups and got the results later . She was four weeks pregnant .

She was wholly unprepared for the child’s arrival because of her age! She was only eighteen this year!

Most girls her age would still be studying in school . Although she dropped out of school to help her poor family earn a living, at the end of the day, she was still only eighteen . She truly was mentally unprepared for this at all .

When the doctor saw her age, he asked her carefully how the child came to be and if she wanted to abort it . However, she subconsciously rejected his proposal!

It was around this time that she saw the small shadows in Supermarket B, and her motherly instincts to protect children were evoked .

She hated kids in the past . Perhaps, it was better to say that she avoided them like the plague!

However, the moment she found out that she was going to be a mother, the joy she felt was indescribable!

It was because she loved this man deeply and the child in her womb was their flesh and blood . When a person loved someone, they would love everything connected to them . Therefore, she grew to have tender affection for this child from the bottom of her heart!

She had an internal struggle for an entire night . She wanted to call him for his opinion the first moment, but then recalled that he had specifically forbidden her from calling him for unimportant things as it could disrupt his life .

After hesitating over and over, she placed her phone down and decided to keep it a secret in the meantime .

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It was not too late either if she waited for his arrival before announcing this piece of news to him .

It took several nights before she could adjust her attitude .

Meng Qingxue hugged him happily as she spoke about many things, such as how she felt that her attitude had changed after becoming pregnant . She also told him all the fantasies she had about their future . For example, how she wished that their child would be a pretty boy, but if their baby looked like him, a pretty princess would be great, too .

Back in her hometown, boys were valued more than girls . Having experienced persecution from such prejudice, she promised to love her child regardless of the gender .

After all, this was his child, too!

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Eventually, she leaned against his shoulder and suggested, “Yancheng, why don’t we… get married?”

Although she was not of legal age, in her hometown, many girls could marry and have children at sixteen . It was not too late to get their birth certificate once the child was older or they were of age .

They could hold the wedding ceremony first .

Meng Qingxue hoped that they could hold the wedding as soon as possible . More than being a mother, she wished that she could hold him and walk into the wedding hall while still looking beautiful .

This was what she had been dreaming of all her life .

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She looked up at him coquettishly, her eyes shining brightly and her smile brimming with happiness . The woman appeared certain that he would agree to her suggestion .

Little did she imagine that Mu Yancheng would suddenly pry her hands off him expressionlessly as he laughed mockingly .

“That’s impossible!”

She was stunned . The smile on her face froze before slipping away as she repeated his statement in a daze . “…Impossible?”

Mu Yancheng repeated himself . “It’s impossible for me to marry you!”