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Chapter 2144

Song Enya was seemingly friendly right now, and this was truly unlike her .

If not for her familiar face, she would truly suspect that this lady before her was someone else .

“Have a seat!”

Yun Shishi walked over and unceremoniously took a seat across the other .

“You invited me here today because…”

“What would you like to drink?” asked the missy as she flipped through the menu .

She froze for a moment before answering, “A cup of Blue Mountain coffee . ”

The other lifted her head and ordered immediately, “A cup of Blue Mountain coffee . ”

The waiter nodded his head and retreated respectfully .

The private room became deathly silent .

Song Enya stirred her warm cup of aromatic milk .

The two sat quietly, not saying a word .

Yun Shishi sized the lady up silently, unaware of what the latter had up her sleeve . She could not help feeling that this missy had unfathomable motives for inviting her here .

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This lady was extremely malevolent . As the saying went, ‘a person’s appearance was formed through their thoughts . ’ She had never thought of how sensible that saying was, but now it was reflected vividly by Song Enya .

When she recalled her incomparably mean face in the past, she instantly felt disgusted .

She remained quiet for a moment, and just as she was about to speak, the other beat her to it . Raising her head, Song Enya looked triumphantly at the woman as she announced smugly, “Did you know? I am pregnant…”

The atmosphere in the condominium had been frozen for a long time .

Mu Yancheng looked at Meng Qingxue unbelievably, his eyes filled with bewilderment .

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Seeing his dazed look, the woman mistook it for shock over this huge surprise . She grew increasingly shy, and as if she had smeared on some rouge, her face became fiery red .

She pouted her lips and leaned further on his chest, asking coquettishly, “Yancheng, are you unhappy? You are going to be a dad soon!”

Perhaps it was the life inside her, but despite being only eighteen, her motherly instincts were evoked .

Her expression was gentler than before, and she had a holy and charming radiance all over .

Alas, such radiance was glaring to the point that it was piercing his eyes painfully!

The man forgot how to express himself at that moment as he examined her blankly . His gaze eventually landed on her still flat tummy .

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He was going to be a dad soon…

She was pregnant…

How’s it possible?

Yet she’s asking me if I am happy?

How could I be?!

At present, Meng Qingxue’s happiness and excitement greatly belied his astonished and lifeless expression .

The woman was likely too caught up in her joyful fantasy of a beautiful future, for she did not notice his ashen complexion . She pulled him to sit down on the couch and began chattering like a lively bird, telling him about the worries and nervousness she felt as a new mother, as well as her expectations and dreams for their future child .

She said that she had never thought that she would become a mother at eighteen . She already had her suspicions as her period was late . Thereafter, she began to feel nauseous whenever she saw greasy food .