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Published at 3rd of December 2020 02:20:23 PM

Chapter 2120

Presumably, no mothers would ever feel happy upon hearing such news . Yun Shishi’s heart, at this moment, was filled with guilt, anguish, and bitterness .

The woman hugged her twins as she shut her moist eyes and let her tears fall freely in their blind spot .

I must be a terrible mother…

Meanwhile, Mu Yazhe felt a stir in his heart once more, for not once had he felt such warmth like tonight, let alone such intimacy between the four of them .

Even though he had relinquished his position as the family head and lost the Mu Group, he did not regret his decision even the slightest bit; instead, he felt incredibly powerful and indestructible just like a majestic mountain, which stood proud and tall .

He was no longer his past self .

As he gently wrapped the mother-son trio in his arms, his eyes, which hung low and brimming with tenderness, inadvertently looked as clear as a lakewater .

It was bound to be a sleepless night for the Mus tonight; the brightly lit residence was self-evident .

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After Mu Linfeng retired to his bedroom, Mu Shumin and Mu Yancheng departed not long after, leaving the rest of the people behind . They did not leave right away and, instead, stayed behind to discuss the pressing issue of the family head .

Ever since Mu Yazhe relinquished his position, the seniors and shareholders, who had come bearing schadenfreude, were now all deeply troubled and worried sick, for they had never expected him to put down his title and responsibility so decisively and leave without so much of a head turn .

Following his departure would be a series of public relations’ work .

First off, the company had to issue a public announcement about his resignation as Disheng Financial Group’s CEO and must swiftly prepare thoroughly to face the onslaught of the media .

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Once the news broke, they must also find ways to calm the unease of the employees working at the headquarters caused by this sudden change of chairman .

After all, any change in a company’s top management would usually be announced in advance as a forewarning . It was just like how the Mu Group’s headquarters had released a notice about the impending change of CEO a month before the young man officially assumed the position . All handover work proceeded in an orderly manner in that span of time for him to assume his new role and responsibilities by the end of the month .

The news, nonetheless, caused quite a stir in the company .

The first and foremost reason being that he was only in his twenties when he parachuted into the company’s highest position despite all odds and protests at that time . His peers were still studying in college, but he had already graduated with a degree in finance .

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Many people—the senior shareholders and even the ordinary employees working at the company headquarters—were, thus, unconvinced of his capability and would only shake their heads in negativity at any mention of his appointment .

Prior to him, Mu Sheng was the chairman-cum-honorary president of the company . Even though they had a vice president who was externally hired, all executive power remained in his grandfather’s hands .

It was only inevitable for them to feel nervous about the overnight change to new blood . They were afraid that the company would be going on a downward slope with the change of CEO .

With a new monarch came a new generation, after all .

Wise courtiers were, of course, required for a strong, flourishing imperial dynasty, but if the monarch was frequently changed, no matter how impressive the kingdom was, the dynasty would eventually come to an end .