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Published at 2nd of December 2020 11:15:20 PM

Chapter 2118

What… . Five years old?! He did that when he was five?!

Now, he held the highest position in that international company with a sizable market share .

Am I dreaming?

Youyou watched the befuddled expression on his mother’s face with interest before attempting to shake her out of it . Waving his hand in front of her face, he called out, “Hello, mommy . What’s wrong?”

Mu Yazhe gave her a sidelong glimpse and burst out chuckling .

His wife managed to recompose herself only after he gave her a loving pinch on the nose . Glancing at her man incredulously, she exclaimed wryly, “It’s… unbelievable!”

Her younger son gave her a comforting pat on the shoulder as he remarked, “Everything is possible . You must believe my words on this!”

His mother continued forlornly . “I can’t believe you’re my child…”

That got her kid dumbfounded .

She cupped the lad’s face in her hands, looking apprehensive . Thereafter, she started to examine him closely from left to right . While she inspected the docile boy before her, she could not help recalling his earlier display of charisma and heroism at the Mu residence . Her vision started to swirl with the newfound truth!

She did not quite believe him yet, but could she say that she did?!

He was only seven yet was already in control of the toy market, whereas she was still indulging in child’s play with her brother at that age!

She could not believe she had given birth to a genius .

Oh, that’s right . Isn’t there such a thing called genetic mutation? Wait a second… Why did it only affect the younger twin? What about the older one?

The older boy can’t even do basic math equations!

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Ah, something’s wrong…

Little Yichen isn’t normal, either .

She had seen him lifting a washing machine from the ground… and then heaving it onto the shoulder of his petite frame…

Oh, gosh… How did I give birth to a pair of abnormal twins…

The older boy was very amused by his mother’s bewildered expression .

“Ha ha ha! Bro, look at how shocked our mommy is now! Ha ha ha!”

His brother defended his innocence . “It’s not my fault that I’m too smart . ”

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The woman clung onto her head with some effort, shut her eyes, and signaled him to keep quiet . “Let me take a moment to calm down, darling . What you’ve just revealed is too much for me to digest at the moment . ”

“Alright . ”

A thought struck her suddenly, and she asked quizzically, “The Agent Li you’ve mentioned is…”

“He’s the one you’ve always presumed as my principal . ”

“Principal Li!” Her eyes were wide in disbelief . “That person is your agent?”

“Yes . ” The boy folded his arms to his chest and nodded . “He’s also my personal assistant . ”

No wonder!

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For the longest time, she had assumed the man to be her son’s kindergarten principal and had poured much care and concern for this family because of his liking for the boy .

Up to that point, she was still befuddled at the adult’s jittery behavior around her son and the boy’s impatience at the man from time to time .

Come to think of it… the man’s demeanor was no different from a subordinate’s fearful display of respect for his superior!

It was no wonder that guy had shown extraordinary forbearance with Youyou’s arrogance . It had something to do with his paycheck as the boy’s subordinate!

Why would a principal shower so much attention on a student whom he hardly knew? Now, she knew why it seemed illogical to her then .

She felt cheated by her son .

How dared this kiddo lie to me about his agent’s identity?!