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Published at 2nd of December 2020 02:20:08 AM

Chapter 2117: 2117

“Are you feeling sad about what happened?” muttered the woman, the guilt clear in her voice . She was what had led to this bad ending, after all, so it was no surprise for her to be feeling responsible about it .

The twins exchanged glances and knew to maintain their silence .

The man replied in his husky voice, “Don’t let your mind run wild! I don’t feel sorry for what happened . ”

Despite his reassurance, his wife still looked rather dazed and lost .

This was when her younger son chimed in . “Daddy, you still have mommy, as well as brother and me! We are your strongest supporters!”

The moment he spoke, his mother turned around abruptly with a glint in her eyes . Looking suspiciously at him without blinking, she warned testily, “Youyou, I think you need to come clean with me now . ”

The boy cocked his head sideways with an adorably dazed look and returned an innocent question . “Oh, what is it that you want me to come clean with?”

“Explain the words you said earlier . ”

“Earlier?” The little lad continued feigning ignorance, blinking his big, round eyes quizzically at his mother .

With a snort, his mother reached out, grabbed his ear, and twisted it hard .

“WAH!” The boy immediately cried out in forlorn pain . “Mommy—stop! It’s hurting…”

“You’d better honestly explain to me what you meant by being able to get rid of the Mus! Where did you get your arrogance for such a bold claim?!”

His older brother chipped in leisurely . “Lil’ bro, I think you’d better come clean with mommy today! If not, I doubt you can survive her hands tonight . ”

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The younger boy immediately turned to his father for help . “Daddy! Daddy, help me out here…”

His father ignored his plea and merely suggested nonchalantly, “Be good and come clean with your mother . ”

The man was not going to clean up the mess that his son had created himself!

“Are you still looking for helping hands?!” The woman gave her son’s ear another violent twist while smiling sinisterly .

That was too much for the young boy, and he conceded defeat with moist eyes . “Mommy, it’s painful! Calm down and listen to me!”

“Go on; I’m listening . ” Yun Shishi let go of his ear . She then crossed her arms elegantly across her chest, looking composed and at ease .

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Taking a deep breath, the boy proceeded to explain his hidden identity . He started with his appointment as a major stakeholder of Lezhi Holdings at the age of five until his promotion to the company’s big boss . He explained that Li Hanlin was, in fact, his agent-cum-assistant before telling her that his value had climbed to a billion by now and would rise further once Lezhi got listed in the market as planned . By then, the company’s market value would reach an unprecedented scale .

Of course, he omitted the part about his involvement with Hurricane Group .

Well, he had to take it one step at a time! The reason he skipped the topic was that he did not want to overload her with too much shocking information . If he were to come clean with her completely, it might be a big blow to his mother . She might be even unable to face reality .

The boy sighed deeply after his long explanation . “Although Lezhi’s financial prowess may not be on par with the Mu Group’s, we are still a force to be reckoned with . Mommy, I just wanna let you know that we won’t be easily bullied . ”

For a long while, his mother was too tongue-tied to utter a word .


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Isn’t that… the legendary toy company that has taken the world by storm?! It’s the top toy manufacturer globally, isn’t it?

She had heard reports of it being listed on the stock market on the national media .

She had always patronized its products . Most of the toys and presents for her kids were from that company, too .

Did her boy just say that he was that company’s chief designer for toys when he was five?