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Published at 1st of December 2020 10:50:08 PM

Chapter 2116: 2116
Chapter 2116: In No Hurry

“Let me think this matter through first . We are in no hurry and can’t make an arbitrary decision regarding this!”

As the elder made his point clear, he got up slowly from his seat, leaned on his cane, and walked away with a worried look on his face .

Truth be told, when his sister came to discuss this matter with him, he was not at all supportive of Mu Yancheng as a candidate . He felt that Mu Shumin did not know better when she proposed this nephew of theirs as the next head of the household . The chap neither possessed the qualities nor had the capabilities to lead this house at all!

The reason he called for this meeting and got the young man to come along was merely to provoke a response from Mu Yazhe . He wanted the man to have a sense of crisis regarding his position! Despite the latter’s mean words, the older man was so sure that the chap would know what was good for him and make a smart decision, somehow!

Unfortunately, he came to realize Yun Shishi’s importance to his nephew too late! He had made a ridiculously wrong decision and, as a result, lost this bet for good!

Indeed, the Mu empire would be looking at an impending doom with the chap’s departure!

This knowledge had unsettled him deeply at this time!

The chap appeared to find leaving easy… He must’ve foreseen that the family would suffer a big loss without him!

The rest might not realize the implication of today’s event, but he could already predict a bloodbath coming!


What a bad strategy!

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Mu Yancheng might seem composed when his uncle left the place, but he was flustered and upset inwardly!

He thought that it would be his turn for the heir apparent after his second brother’s departure, but his uncle’s abrupt reply did not seem to support his reckoning!

Did that mean that the plan he had plotted long and hard would come to nought in the end?!

He was sensitive enough to pick up the regretful vibes his uncle had about the current situation . Obviously, the elder was not keen on appointing him as the next head of the household .

Then, who is he thinking of supporting?

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Don’t tell me that all my efforts thus far will go down the drain?!

His aunt saw him suppressing his anger and felt guilty toward him . She tried to console him . “Your uncle is still trying to adapt to the new reality! I’ll check his thoughts again after tonight! We’ll see what his plans going forward are, then . You can’t rush this kind of thing as well . Even if we were to announce you as the next successor now, your position wouldn’t be secured when many aren’t prepared for it . ”

Mu Yancheng took this chance to voice his disappointment . “Is uncle not going to acknowledge me as the next successor, or does he find me not as capable or qualified as my cousin…”

“Stop your nonsense! You mustn’t lose sight of the big picture at this juncture . ”

“Alright, aunt; I’ll listen to your advice . ” The young man decided to compromise in the end, to which his aunt gave an approving smile .

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After leaving the Mu residence, Mu Yazhe sat at the back of the car with Youyou on his lap, looking moody . During the entire trip, he was staring outside the window without a sound or word .

His wife’s heart sank as she observed his stony silence .

It looks like he’s in a low mood tonight .

Although he did not find it a pity to give up his status and possession at the Mus, it was still jarring to have to give up all he had achieved with his years of sweat and tears .

She slowly put her palm on the back of his hand .

He did not turn his head around but still flipped his palm to interlock his fingers with hers .