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Published at 1st of December 2020 10:50:20 PM

Chapter 2115

What was she thinking about?

Should she not hurry and announce what was to come?

Did they not agree that it should be his turn to take up the title once Mu Yazhe relinquished it?

Unable to wait anymore as he saw how Mu Shumin was still not saying a word, Mu Yancheng turned his gaze onto Mu Linfeng . “Second Uncle, what should we do next?”

Someone else reacted from the side and suggested instantly, “Yes! Since Yazhe has given up his title, it’s time for us to choose the next candidate to take up the family head role!”

Following that, the others talked one after another as if their souls had just been restored . “Second Brother, you have the most experience . You probably have a backup candidate!”

“Yes! Second Brother probably has a candidate in mind . Look; isn’t Yancheng the best one among the choices?”

“I heard that you’re trying to help him occupy the top position . He isn’t a bad choice . ”

When he heard their flattering comments, Mu Yancheng puffed out his chest, looking pleased with himself .

His ambition was thriving as he waited for his uncle’s command . Following which, he would proudly receive the title!

This was the moment he had been dreaming of all along!

Mu Shumin regained her senses as well and suggested, “Second Brother, you should pick a candidate!”

However, Mu Linfeng had lost his mood as he was filled with many complicated emotions . His mind was still reeling over what had just happened earlier . No matter how he thought about it, he could not help but feel extremely regretful . This was not the outcome he wanted!

Therefore, he seemed indifferent to the suggestion of who should be the next family leader . Instead, he said dully, “Let’s discuss this another time! I am a little tired . ”

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Hearing this, the young chap wilted at once and bit his lower lip dispiritedly . There was no need to mention how indignant he was feeling right now!

He cast his helpless gaze onto his aunt, wordlessly hinting at her with his eyes .

Must they do this another day?

It was rare for everyone to be gathered together . Since all the important people were present, why not seize this chance to help him ascend to the seat?

This was the initial plan!

Mu Yazhe had left behind such ugly words, so it could be considered as him cutting ties with their family . Even if he regretted it, reversing what he had done today would be difficult .

For such a proud and aloof man to say those serious words, he was certainly not planning to return!

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No one from their family would be willing to toss away their dignity and beg him to come back, either!

The outcome of today had been set in stone .

It was imminent for them to talk about choosing the next family head .

With them being at this crucial juncture, what was there left to hesitate about?

Mu Yancheng could not wait anymore . Who knew what unforeseen accident may happen after tonight? What if there were new changes that would throw a wrench in his plans? If so, would all his hard work only end up in someone else’s favor?!

One had to understand that this news had not been announced yet .

If this was spread widely across the family, those in the same generation as him would be eyeing the position covetously .

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How could he restrain himself with that knowledge?!

It would be better to use this situation and let things flow from there!

Before this, Mu Yancheng had already gotten impatient once . He sneaked into the CEO’s office while Mu Yazhe was in a meeting .

As he sat on the seat that represented the highest authority in the family, the fire in his heart burned . He caressed the mahogany desk, feeling incomparably happy as he thought of how this place would soon be his world!

The moment he occupied the seat he had been thinking of for the longest time, he could not help but imagine that he was sitting on the imperial throne as he looked forward to getting all he had desired!

Alas, his uncle’s present silence left him quaking in fear!