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Published at 1st of December 2020 10:50:24 PM

Chapter 2114

Mu Yancheng?

Were they really going to appoint him?

If this chap was even half of what the man was, they would not be having so many complex feelings over this!

“Yazhe!” Mu Linfeng could not stop himself from calling .

His nephew paused for a moment .

Yun Shishi glanced at her husband, only to see him turning around expressionlessly and sneering . “I have worked very dedicatedly all these years for this family . For me to end up in such a situation today, you can see it as me saving yourselves a last shred of dignity . Just don’t forget that the Mu Group will eventually be in ruins without me . The moment I walk out of these doors, its death or survival will no longer have any connection to me! From here on, no matter what difficulty the Mu Group has, don’t come crawling and begging me with those pitiful faces!”

Once he finished saying that, his cold and oppressive gaze swept across every person in the room . Finally, he retracted his sight and hugged Yun Shishi as they left abruptly without a backward glance!

His heartless words had indubitably forced Mu Linfeng’s last ditch of effort into detaining him back in the man’s stomach .

This was who his nephew was, cutthroat and emphatic!

He felt his strength leaving his body as he collapsed limply in his chair . He could not tell whether he was feeling happy or concerned at that moment .

Mu Yazhe had left!

At that moment, it could be considered that a part of the Mu Group had collapsed .

This was not the ending he wanted after gathering so many people to set up this ambush!

He had only wanted to threaten him a bit at most . Even if Yun Shishi was made to be his junior wife, it was still a result he would have been happy with!

It was never for such an outcome, however!

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Mu Shumin was also feeling a little unhappy!

The harsh words her nephew had thrown at them were a heavy blow to her!

In fact, she began to worry a little . With that heartless act of his, he would not let the matter drop after leaving the Mu Group . He would certainly pull some underhanded means to hinder their family business!

This was also not the ending she wanted .

Initially, she thought that forcing him off the position would be an extremely difficult thing to do, for a man with strong possessive streaks would usually hold on tightly and not let go .

In the business world, he had been completely unscrupulous and had used all sorts of underhanded means . In the beginning, he withstood all their criticisms and accepted the title despite their relentless questioning . Using the most ruthless tactics, he reshuffled the positions in the Mu Group as if conducting a complete purge . That ambition, those underhanded means, and the boldness he had still left people with lingering fears!

She had never thought that such a man would let everything go just like for a woman!

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This was unbelievable!

Everyone had yet to regain their senses up until now . It was as if they were stuck in a dream .


No one thought that the Mu Group would lose their family head today, but during that volatile situation earlier, everything had been overturned in a second!

Mu Yancheng was obviously ecstatic . He observed his surroundings, only to see everyone deathly quiet, before looking at his aunt and uncle who looked indifferent . Therefore, he insinuated from the side, “Aunt, since he has relinquished his role as the family head…”

It was time to announce the next family head!

He began to feel restless as his ambition stirred incessantly .

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He was just waiting for a wave of Mu Linfeng’s hand, and he would logically inherit the leadership role in front of all these elders .

Mu Shumin bit her lower lip, not making a sound .

He could not help but feel disappointed .

What was she thinking about?

Should she not hurry and announce what was to come?

Had his aunt not agreed previously?

She had personally promised him .