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Chapter 2113: 2113
Chapter 2113: Did not want it just like that .

He watched Mu Yazhe remove the ornamental ring, which signified its wielder the highest power in the Mu family, from his thumb and expressionlessly throw it at their uncle when he turned around .


The ring rolled off Mu Linfeng and landed on the floor .

Yun Shishi looked up in shock at the strange noise . She could not see which ring had been thrown to the floor initially, but when she turned her gaze onto her husband’s ring finger…

She saw that his engagement ring was still on it .

It was just like his promise to her: He was the world to her and would never leave .


He was actually giving up his position as the Mu family’s head for her?!

She widened her eyes, which instantly brimmed with sparkling tears . She was so touched that she felt choked .

Youyou’s initially rigid gaze instantly became soft and gentle . He exchanged looks with Little Yichen and held his hand gently .

The two fellas’ palms were soaked with sweat at the moment .

Everyone was considerably curious about the woman and her children’s reactions!

Perhaps, these capitalists did not know what genuine love was .

Therefore, when these people witnessed the gentle gazes from the mother and sons when Mu Yazhe gave up the family title for them, they did not seem to understand!

They even appeared amazed!

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The man continued to stand tall .

The crowd quietened down, utterly taken aback by the astonishing aura emanating from him .

His handsome and tall figure was like a mountain as he stood there, towering over them .

Suddenly, he lowered his voice and said, “I am already sick of this game, so pardon me for being unable to keep you all company . You can continue if you want to!”

The man turned around and held his palm open for Yun Shishi . “Come on; let’s go home!”

—Let’s go home!

These three words gave her immense warmth!

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She smiled as tears filled her eyes and placed her hand in his . They then held hands tightly . The diamond ring on her ring finger shone brightly along with his . They were utterly resplendent, pure, and stunning!

He carried Youyou while she held Little Yichen’s hand . They stood up, causing the chair to scratch against the marble floor, producing a sound as sharp as nails scratching against a blackboard which could make one feel numb!

He hugged her as they resolutely left in large strides . Their handsome and beautiful backs felt cold and nothing else .

Although he had just been stripped of his title as the Mu family’s head, he did not seem down and out at all . He was the one who had abandoned the title without looking back . The man, with his arrogant aura, skeptically looked at them all . Despite being watched with varying looks of disdain and humiliation, they could not destroy his kingly aura .

Mu Linfeng glared at his nephew’s back as his heart was filled with a million complexities .

Not one person at the scene was like Mu Shumin, who was eager for the man to relinquish this responsibility!

Many of them wished that he would know how to choose and continue to be the family head .

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Alas, he left just as he said so and did not want the family title just like that!

He was so resolute and clear-cut, without the slightest sloppiness!

Could it be that he was really not interested?!

This truly left everyone slack-jawed!

Initially, the chap had gone all out and sacrificed many things to make his competitors quit and earn this position .

Hence, some of them felt their hearts dropping when they realized with a start that he was really leaving!

If he left, who would be the family head?