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Published at 30th of November 2020 12:10:16 AM

Chapter 2109

In his over fifty years of life, he had never met such an egotistical child .

However, since this child was not sensible, why would he try to deal with him?

Naturally, Mu Linfeng did not pay him much mind .

Suddenly, the voice of a maid was heard from outside . “Master Yazhe is back!”

The man entered the residence before the announcement even ended .

After his meeting, the man was informed by Min Yu that his wife had called . She was asking him to hurry to the Mus after work .

Worried of something happening, he set aside a pile of messy issues and rushed straight here .

Just as he arrived in the main hall, he came across this spectacular scene . The man instantly knew what the situation was at one glance .

Especially when he saw the pressed look on Mu Yancheng, who was thriving with ambition, it became clear to him that the guy had secretly joined hands with his aunt and resolutely came up with this family meeting to start a carnage!

He already knew that his cousin would team up with Mu Shumin to abdicate him . Therefore, he was mentally prepared .

He just did not think that the other would be impatient enough to bring all the family elders to await his return and for the great show to start .


The moment Little Yichen saw him, the iciness on his face melted as he went forward happily to greet him .

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He carried his son and walked to Yun Shishi’s side . He lowered his head with a smile on his face as he placed his palm on her shoulder .

A simple action like this from him managed to calm her restlessness .

His appearance was like the arrival of a god as all the apprehension and nervousness in her heart went away instantly .

Although she had looked strong moments ago, in actuality, there was a sense of helplessness and isolation in her!

Youyou did the same action to her as Mu Yazhe did a few minutes before .

The father-son pair seemed to have unspoken telepathy . Although it was a small act of consolation, they did it precisely the same way as if in tacit understanding .

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She laughed secretly, finding the chemistry between the two extremely interesting .

“How long have you been here?” asked the man .

“Not long . It’s only been a while . ”

‘I am fine . Do not worry,’ was her implied meaning .

The chemistry between them did not require many words . Even with just a meaningful glance, they could come into a tacit understanding .

She took her older son from her husband and hugged him to her chest .

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The man turned around and scanned the crowd expressionlessly, his mouth curling into a cold arc .

“Since everyone is here, why don’t we just be blunt with what we want to say?” hinted Mu Shumin .

Everyone sat apart as if at a general assembly with Mu Yazhe in the middle, forming a huge semi-circle .

Mu Linfeng sucked in a breath of cold air . Due to the arrival of Youyou, his originally calm emotions had become all messed up . He opened his eyes and said nonchalantly, “Yazhe, since you are here, there are some things we should speak to you about . What do you plan to do about this woman?”

He was not explicit in who he was referring to, but everyone knew who he meant!

Everyone turned to look at Yun Shishi .

The man glanced at her as well before turning his head to his uncle . “I thought everyone should be clear about my intentions . ”

“You really insist on publicly marrying her?! Our family will never acknowledge this woman!” spouted his aunt from the side . “You must be sure about this and know how to weigh the odds . Do not lose the watermelon just for the seeds or the gains won’t make up for the losses!”