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Published at 28th of November 2020 12:20:09 AM

Chapter 2104: 2104
Chapter 2104: I will give you any amount .

“Trust you to accuse me of having a sharp tongue with no rhyme or reason when all I did was state the facts and try to reason things out . By the looks of it, even the most affluent and influential families are bound to have a handful of uncultured scum as members! Say; I truly have no idea how your sense of superiority came about . The impression I have of the Mus, be it in terms of sophistication or etiquette, is superficial at best . While your clan might’ve flourished over the past century or so and could be considered to be atop the high society, I see that you have inherited nothing but wealth! The customs and etiquette that your ancestors left behind have been discarded by you people, and all that’s left is that archaic yet worthless mindset of yours . ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you . ’ Don’t you find it ridiculous that you’re occupying the moral high ground to dictate what others should do when you can’t even adhere to that? You have to respect others to receive respect; don’t you understand such a basic concept?”

Despite her calm and unaffected voice, Yun Shishi exuded a strong presence as she engaged in a heated verbal sparring with this group of so-called cultured people . No one, out of the many present, could stand up and refute her words even though they were seething with rage .

They did not expect her to have such a smart mouth that could make a mockery out of them with just a few well-placed statements . Worse still; they were at a loss on how to come up with a rebuttal, for everything she had said, no matter how displeasing or stinging they sounded, was coherent and well-justified .

Her words made the elderly woman livid . “You—”

Nevertheless, the young lady remained undaunted as she met the other’s frigid glare .

Knowing that she could not get the upper hand in this duel of words, Mu Shumin turned to her brother for help . “Look at how preposterous she is, Second Brother! Don’t bother wasting your breath on her and just issue her the ultimatum! From what I see, she’s just making things difficult for herself . ”

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While bearing with the criticisms the young lady had said about him and his family, he told himself repeatedly to maintain his poise, lest he become the laughingstock of this unreasonable lass . His body and facial muscles betrayed his underlying feelings, however, for they had all become stiff and taut . Even the corners of his lips were twitching nonstop .

As he forced himself to put a lid on his anger, he spoke as calmly as he could . “I don’t care about all that nonsense moments ago . You just need to know one thing: If you love my nephew at all, then let him go while you still have the chance to do so, or else you’ll just be doing harm to yourself and him!”

“Pardon my ignorance,” replied Yun Shishi as she flashed a gracious smile at the other . “I don’t understand what you’re saying, so please spell it out for me . You don’t have to beat around the bush, either . I’m an uncouth person, after all, so I can’t understand your profound words!”

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The senior sneered at that . “I’ll give you a check, and you’re free to write whatever amount you want! I only have one condition: You file a divorce and release the custody of your children without causing any disruptions!”

After getting over her momentary, stunned silence, she suddenly found his proposal inexplicably funny and began laughing aloud .

“What’s so funny?!” demanded Mu Shumin out of fury and humiliation . “We’re talking about serious matters here; what’s the meaning of that laughter?”

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“Give me a check?” Taunt flashed across the actress’s eyes as she mulled over his proposal . “I’m free to write whatever amount I want?”

Delight sprouted in Mu Linfeng’s heart when the woman appeared to be hooked by his offer . Immediately, he wasted no time in urging her . “Of course! As long as you agree to my condition, you can fill in your desired amount on the blank check!”

“What a tempting offer!” Her eyes squinted, her voice ever so cold .