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Published at 25th of November 2020 11:35:17 PM

Chapter 2097

Since I’m already here, I might as well seize this chance to thrash things out with them!

Taking a deep breath, she gradually made her way into the Mu household with her fists clenched .

Despite being mentally prepared, she was still quite surprised by the impressive yet imposing lineup in the living room when she stepped in there .

What came into sight was a living room full of people . Without even needing to think, she knew who these people were . She could tell from their overwhelming presence that they were no simple folks .

The duo sitting at the seats of honor, in particular, had even more extraordinary statuses . Of the two, one was Mu Linfeng and the other was his sister, Mu Shumin .

If she remembered correctly, she had met these two before—in fact, she had met the elderly woman just a few days ago and even had a feud with her .

As for this Mu Linfeng, he was most likely the one who had gatecrashed her engagement!

Being the meticulous person that she was, it did not take long for Yun Shishi to realize that the man who had spoken to her over the phone was him .

She might have met the man briefly during her engagement, but it was hard to recognize his voice over the phone, especially when she was not familiar with him and his voice . Upon meeting him now, however, she knew that it was him .

Even though she did not know anything about his status, the presence he exuded was vastly different from the rest . Anyone could tell at a glance that he had a distinguished background .

He gave off the feeling of an extremely calm and traditional person and was very similar to her husband in the way that they had the same authoritative aura and a calm yet introverted personality . Nonetheless, that stern look of his was something that could only be attained after experiencing countless storms and bloodbaths! Only those who had truly gone through the battles of fame and power and were in the middle of them all could develop such a frightening aura!

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One look, and it was evident that he had ties to the military . It was also why, despite gaining on in years, he still appeared to be very energetic .

Dressed in a well-ironed set of traditional Chinese garments, the man sat upright in the seat of honor with his hawkish eyes looking sharp and stern!

Right at that moment, a servant carried a stool over and placed it right beside Yun Shishi . This stool did not seem to be meant for a guest, though; rather, it appeared more for a prisoner who was waiting to be tried!

There was a deep, profound knowledge even to the placement of seats . Of course, a centuries-old family like the Mus was more particular about the details of such a matter .

The woman took a glance at the stool meant for her but did not hasten to sit on it . She merely scoffed at the sight and turned her attention to surveying her surroundings .

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Despite being in such a pressuring situation, she revealed no trace of relief or even fear on her face . She stared right into the elderly man’s eyes as she questioned him coldly, “Is this how the Mus welcome their guests? With all due respect, I don’t sense an ounce of sincerity coming from you guys . ”

A smirk appeared on Mu Linfeng’s countenance when he heard that . This lady might be young, but she had quite the attitude . She was not cowed by this scene and was rather forthright .

This reminded him of the woman’s son, Yun Tianyou . To think that the mother-son pair shared such a similar trait! Both could maintain their calm and composure in the face of pressure!

Upon receiving an eye signal from the man, the servant walked over nervously and shifted her seat to the guest spot .

Only then did Yun Shishi smooth her clothes and calmly take a seat .

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The servant politely retreated after serving her a cup of tea .

The woman leisurely sipped her drink, not in a hurry to speak; after all, there was no need for her to open her mouth first since she was a guest here .

The old man was quite impressed by her when he noticed this .