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Published at 23rd of November 2020 11:25:14 PM

Chapter 2092: 2092
Chapter 2092: New Year Spring Cleaning

Seeing his mother lying lifelessly on the couch, Youyou sniggered as he secretly enjoyed her plight . “Mommy, you are so weak! I can’t believe you are skiving off!”

With that, he walked casually to the balcony .

Yun Shishi hated herself for being so weak . She took another look at the diligent fella busying about until now and saw that he was not even panting . He did not look tired at all .

As for Little Yichen, he also instantly shriveled up into a ball when he saw his mother lying paralyzed on the couch .

“Mommy, I can’t do it anymore… I am so tired…”

The boy was completely listless . He had never done household chores before . Normally, he would be following Youyou around to provide some assistance, but those were just simple tasks, and his brother rarely gave him anything heavy .

When their spring cleaning started, the mother-son trio sat down and seriously planned their tasks before splitting them among themselves . The woman would oversee the packing and elimination of dust, the older boy was tasked with cleaning the window panes, while the younger one was in charge of washing clothes and mopping the floor .

Little Yichen was initially filled with confidence . Was it not just cleaning the windows?

What kind of suffering and exhaustion had he not been through in the army? Cleaning glasses was belittling his capability .

However, when it was time to get to it, his mouth almost fell to the floor in shock when he saw the row of French windows on the second level .

There were so many windows?!

He did not notice them normally, but now that it was time for spring cleaning and he finally paid closer attention, he realized that there were thirty windows in total on the first two levels of the house .

Oh, god! What kind of concept was this?

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It was fine if this was just the first level, but why was the second level full of French windows as well?!

He felt as if the sky were collapsing as he wiped across each window pane .

Youyou noticed his ashen complexion and asked sarcastically, “What? Are you terrified now? Didn’t someone want to make a vow earlier, saying that cleaning the windows is just a simple task? You haven’t even started, yet you already want to give up?”

“What are you saying?!”

The older boy puffed out his chest confidently and volunteered eagerly . “Give me a day’s time . I will make sure that they are all wiped clean!”

The other did not hold back his cold huff as he glanced at the tools he was holding in his hand, instructing coldly, “You are not allowed to use this cleaning equipment . They won’t clean the windows properly . Wear your gloves, then get a pail of hot water, and melt the soap in it . Use some cloth to wipe the windows once . Once they are dry, use some newspapers to wipe them again . This way, the windows will be clean . ”

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He opened his mouth in shock . “Newspapers?”

“Yeah . Using that tool of yours will leave marks . As someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder, I won’t be able to stand that .

“All the best!” With that, Youyou patted his shoulder before heading down the stairs .

Little Yichen gulped before rolling up his sleeves and going into full swing with the cleaning as per his brother’s instructions .

Initially, it was not that tiring as he went through the workflow step by step .

However, when he reached the last step of the process, he lay on the windows and wiped them with newspapers bit by bit . It had only been ten windows, yet his entire body already felt crippled .

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The little lad floated down like a spirit after cleaning ten windows and lay paralyzed on the couch . He felt like a crippled prince .

He was so tired .

It was more tiring than doing a dozen sets of push-ups .

When Youyou saw him lying down, he thought that he had accomplished his task . Therefore, he ran up the stairs to do a spot check . Alas, when he saw the half-finished work, he yelled angrily, “Mu Yichen, get up here right now!”

The older boy ran up the stairs like an obedient, little dog, only to be berated by his brother harshly .

“Are these windows considered clean like this? There are newspaper bits left on them!”