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Published at 23rd of November 2020 11:25:22 PM

Chapter 2091

In the parking lot, they happily chatted as they headed to their car and moved to place the luggage in the trunk .

Just as Mu Yazhe closed the trunk, he acutely sensed an abnormal gaze from behind him . He turned around, his expression guarded, but did not see anything out of the ordinary .

His instincts were exceptionally sharp . He would still be alerted even if the one monitoring him was a hundred meters away .

He could feel a pair of eyes coldly sizing him up . It seemed that this mysterious, thorny gaze wanted to pierce through the muscles on his back right into his heart, just like a poisonous snake watching its prey .

However, the parking lot was dim with several lights flickering, swaying his vision . With his sight impaired, he could not see where the gaze was coming from .

Nonetheless, that abrupt, fixed stare did not go away .

Seeing that he was being slightly strange, Yun Shishi unconsciously began to feel nervous .

Thinking that a paparazzo had discovered them and was now sneakily taking pictures of them, she asked frantically, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing!”

The man nimbly tidied up their luggage and ushered them in the car .

Only when their car was gone did a person slowly emerge from a dark corner .

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From their build, this was a petite woman in a cool-looking black coat and a huge hat, which only revealed half of her malevolent and terrifying face .

A strange aura surrounded the lady . It was eerie, horrifying, and deathly .

Especially that pair of eyes, it was exceptionally sinister . She appeared to have just returned from the gates of hell to the mortal world, for she seemed not human at all as there was no vitality in her .

Only after witnessing the car’s departure did she turn back around and slowly disappear into the darkness .

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Yun Shishi had stopped working these few days as she was determined to do a general cleaning of the house . It was time to do some tidying around the house and bring back some festive spirits as it was close to the end of the year .

The Yuns had the tradition of conducting spring cleaning when it was the new year .

Mu Yazhe originally wanted to hire some maids, but Yun Shishi said that she wanted to make use of her rare vacation to do things herself . After all, this was her home .

Besides, with a virtuous little helper like Youyou, as well as Little Yichen volunteering to take part in the spring cleaning, she presumed that the task would only take about a day and that it would not be too tiring .

They did not use the third and fourth floors much; therefore, everything would be in order after cleaning the first two levels .

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It was a breeze saying it, but when they began cleaning, she felt a different sourness in her heart!

No wonder the rich, who knew how to enjoy themselves, would prefer bungalows over villas, while most of those who bought villas would hire maids .

Due to the structure and architecture of villas, there were many dead corners, especially the stairs . Every step collated a bunch of dust easily, and the vacuum cleaner was not that useful in cleaning them .

After just cleaning a few rooms, the woman was so exhausted that she could no longer straighten her back . She panted tiredly, sneaking in breaks during her work .

Youyou walked past her coincidentally with a basket full of clean clothes which he planned to air on the balcony for drying .