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Published at 22nd of November 2020 11:10:15 PM

Chapter 2087

What was more; the customer before her appeared so gentle and affable—never once putting on airs—unlike the glamorous celebrities as seen on TV . One could not help but desire to get close to her .

Not a trace of shock was revealed on Yun Shishi’s face when she heard the question . Instead, she maintained a neutral expression and calmly asked, “Which movie star?”

Of course, she knew which celebrity the shop assistant was referring to, but at times like this, only by maintaining her composure could she not arouse suspicions from others .

“Yun Shishi!” answered the shop assistant excitedly . “Wasn’t there a trending movie titled ‘The Green Apple’ just some time ago? She starred in that movie! Have you watched it?”

“Yes, I’ve seen that movie, and now that you’ve mentioned it, I recall some people telling me exactly that . The thing is, I don’t usually pay attention to the cast of a movie when I watch it, so I’ve forgotten which actress they’re talking about . ”

Youyou’s lips twitched in amusement when he heard his mother’s response at the side .

Can one listen to the nonsense mommy is spewing with a straight face?!

It looks like her ability to give spontaneous responses has improved a lot, considering that her past self would surely be looking guilty and uneasy right now .

“Have you all watched that movie? Gu Xingze starred in it, too . It’s a great film!”

The rest of her colleagues exchanged wistful looks before shaking their heads in response .


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“Movie tickets are expensive, so I can’t bear to splurge on them . ”

“I’m busy enough with working overtime and this other part-time job that Xiao Lu and I have . I don’t have the spare time to go watch movies . What’s more; my house rent has recently increased . I have to scrimp and save whenever I can . ”

While they might be speaking lightly about their situations with smiling faces, the actress could understand the unstated bitterness beneath it all .

Just a year or so ago, she was probably just like these young employees—working hard to make ends meet while fretting over the living and rental expenses .

The cost of living in the capital was very high, and the lands did not come cheap as well . The exorbitant land prices here were what led to the outrageously high housing rentals .

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The few ladies here did not look like locals and seemed to have come from the provinces . They came to the capital with simple, ordinary dreams of theirs, only to realize, after settling here, that they had to slog hard to achieve them .

It was the same for her back then .

Her dream, at that time, was actually very simple: own a modest-sized house . The eighty-square-meter house would come with two bedrooms, a small study room, and a brightly lit balcony, and she would be content with just that .

She hoped that a lamp in this bustling city bathed in neon lights would, one day, light up because of her .

Having achieved this dream at this point, however, she found herself slightly longing for those hard times of the past .

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Despite living an impoverished life back then, a hot bowl of soy milk before work and a cup of milk tea after work were enough to leave her feeling very much satisfied and blissed . It was because of such poverty that she could enjoy little warmth in her everyday life .

She was so easily satisfied with ordinary and simple happiness at that time, yet this happiness was all lost now that she owned everything she could have . Gone were the days where she would feel bliss just because of a bowl of soy milk or a cup of milk tea .

One’s mentality tended to change once they started possessing more things . Perhaps, it had also gotten more difficult for them to discover such simple yet ordinary happiness .

Right now, she could not help feeling even more envious of her past self and these optimistic, young ladies who were full of dreams .

Mu Yazhe had once told her that he would feel very envious of her at times . She could not comprehend his words back then, but she fully understood them now . He was probably envious of how she could find happiness in the simple and ordinary things .

While the ladies were idly chatting away, the man, who was done putting on the clothes, walked out of the fitting room .