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Published at 19th of November 2020 11:20:13 PM

Chapter 2078

She let out a sigh, helped place meat on each of their plates, and urged, “Alright, guys; let’s just enjoy our dinner . This isn’t the first time you’ve seen each other, so there’s no need to act reserved!”

As she spoke, she diligently scooped soup for her husband .

The man’s expression finally softened somewhat .

Gong Jie scanned the dishes on the table until he settled on an exquisite-looking plate of diced chicken with cheese .

He took a bite, rendering him highly satisfied, and could not help praising his nephew . “Your culinary skill is superb! I shouldn’t have called you a liar; let me take back my words!”

“Hmph! Yes, that’s hurtful . Unfortunately, it means that you’ll never enjoy another meal from me . ”

The boy’s intention was clear in his speech; he would never cook for his uncle again .

The man was crushed by the boy’s words and protested forlornly, only to be rebuffed by an elegant smile from the lad . “Your protest is rejected!”

Yun Shishi secretly observed her brother’s behavior at the dinner table . She noticed that his actions were gradually becoming swifter . It appeared that he could not wait to try all the food presented on the table . Among these selections, the diced chicken with cheese was his favorite as he repeatedly aimed for it . This was a new dish that she herself had never tried before . Her son had either picked this up from a master chef or had personally created . She decided to try one piece to satisfy her curiosity .

It was indeed delicious!

The cooked cheese was especially fragrant and fluffy, going very well with the diced chicken . One bite of the chicken with the cheese was sufficient to bring out the dish’s succulent taste!

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She immediately brought one piece of it to her husband’s mouth and coaxed, “Come, try it! It’s really tasty . ”

The man had not tried it yet . He was someone who would not think of trying new dishes, so despite its tantalizing sight, he preferred to stay away from the chicken with cheese and stick to the familiar ones, instead .

Looking at how badly she wanted to feed him with this piece, the man shunned his face to one side with a frigid look . His stern and petulant resistance suddenly reminded the woman of her younger son’s mannerism . Now, she knew where her son had inherited that trait from!

“C’mon; have a try!”

She was bent on having him eat it . Her eyes looked at him earnestly, just like how the enthusiastic sales clerks at department stores would promote their products to customers .

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The man glanced at her and was moved by her gentle demeanor . His eyes shone warmly as he reined in his aloofness and leaned over with his mouth open slightly to take a bite .

Alas, just as he moved to touch the meat, the woman withdrew her hand and popped it straight in her mouth, instead!

He was taken aback, while their sons broke into a fit of giggles at one side .

Their mommy had pulled a prank on their daddy!

Yun Shishi smiled, her mouth opened to reveal the piece of unchewed chicken inside . She cocked a brow at her husband defiantly, putting on a display of a silent provocation .

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It was all an act . She teased him, got him hooked, and when he was about to take the bait, put it straight in her mouth .

She watched him looking embarrassed with his mouth gaping, but his expression soon changed, and he narrowed his eyes as his lips gradually formed a smirk . Mischief danced in his eyes when he returned her gloating look .

The woman had a sudden premonition . Somehow, the change in his demeanor told her that he was up to no good . Sure enough, in the next second, he prowled on her without warning, grabbed her puffy mouth, and sealed his thin lips over hers .

It was a well-timed, surprise attack, which allowed him to rob the diced chicken between her teeth easily . At the same time, he took this chance to kiss her publicly with the rest looking at them .