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Published at 18th of November 2020 11:10:06 PM

Chapter 2077: 2077
Chapter 2077: I will feed you, brother-in-law .

“Here; I’ll feed you a piece of meat, too . ”

Mu Yazhe turned his face away in disdain . “No . ”

A wave of displeasure and anger washed over him as he recalled how she had gently fed her brother meat . His emotions seemed to be stuck in his throat, and he could neither spit them out nor swallow them down .

He was not so finicky to the extent of requiring someone to feed him .

Even when he was young, he was different from the other willful kids his age . At the age of three, he could already sit in the baby chair and eat his meals using a spoon . He needed no coaxing or cajoling him from anyone . Just like that, he would, quietly and obediently, finish his meals .

Kids of that age were usually found in the arms of the adults, while the grownups tried to coax them into eating their meals, but there was none of that for him .

He had always been an independent person and done things on his own . This trait of his could be found in his older son .

Indeed, the kids born in the Mu family were all mature and dexterous .

Nonetheless… the sight of his wife and his brother-in-law sticking so closely together was a big eyesore to him!

Gong Jie burst out chuckling as he teasingly asked, “Sis, don’t you think that brother-in-law is jealous?”

His sister glanced at her husband with an arched brow . “Him? Jealous?”

“Yeah . He’s upset to see you feeding me food . ”

“Surely not?” Her lips curled into a smile . “He’s not the type to get jealous over such a trivial matter!”

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The other man merely coolly glimpsed sideways at his brother-in-law and let out a meaningful snort in response .

His lips hooked up in a teasing smirk right at that moment . He then scooped up a spoonful of meat with his spoon, delivered it right in front of his brother-in-law’s mouth, and smilingly cajoled, “Here, brother-in-law . Open your mouth, and I’ll feed you some meat . ”

“Get lost!”

Mu Yazhe shot him a warning glare before he scrunched up his face in disdain and turned to face the other direction .

How could he possibly accept a refusal, though?

He, thus, simply shove that spoonful of meat right into his brother-in-law’s mouth without so much of a concern for the latter’s expression!

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Yun Shishi: “!”

The twins were equally dumbfounded . “!”

Oh, gosh!

The other man had, apparently, not expected such a bold move from him . His forehead creased in displeasure and he lifted his eyes, only to see an overwhelmingly friendly smile hanging on his brother-in-law’s mischievous-looking face . The latter’s eyes held a wicked, provocative glint in them .

“How does it taste, brother-in-law?”

Despite the bright smile on Gong Jie’s face, it was actually stiff and forced . It was a fake smile, which merely involved the movement of his facial muscles and did not reach his eyes at all .

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The man blandly chomped on the meat in his mouth as though what he had in it was his brother-in-law, instead .

As the two men faced each other with a smile and an icy expression respectively, the air became charged with electricity .

“Thanks, brother-in-law . ”

Gong Jie flashed him a gracious smile in return . “You’re welcome, my dear brother-in-law . ”

Silence descended upon them suddenly, and the atmosphere turned chilly .

The world seemed to have been divided into two extremes with the woman’s brother being on the fiery side and her husband on the icy side .

Caught in the middle of it all, the woman was extremely nervous and worried . She feared that the two men might just start strangling each other at the dining table should a disagreement arise .

To be honest, there was a high chance of them breaking into a fight, for her brother had been deliberately provoking her husband today for some reason . If not for her husband retaining a bit of his gentlemanly manners, a fight would likely have long broken out between the two .