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Published at 18th of November 2020 11:10:10 PM

Chapter 2076

The woman knew the reason behind her son’s cute act upon seeing him pester her to feed him .

The little one was jealous .

He must have gotten jealous when he saw her feeding his uncle in such an intimate manner; hence, the boy started pestering her to receive this special treatment .

She naturally knew what was on her children’s minds .

Youyou had always been an obedient, sensible, and independent child, after all . He would always eat his meals on his own and even get his dishes . He was probably just green with envy when he saw her feeding his uncle!

Her older son, on the other hand, was just following his brother’s actions!

She was practically tickled pink by her adorable sons .

When she made no movements to feed them food, Mu Yichen, with pitiful, doe eyes, tugged at her sleeve and started whining petulantly, “Mommy, feed us! Feed us!”

She, ultimately, could not win against her children’s pestering . She picked up another piece of meat and fed it to her younger son, who was only then satisfied .

Alas, her husband started barking sharply at the kids with his finger pointed to their seats when she was about to feed the older boy . “Behave yourselves and return to your seats!”

How dare these brats wish to enjoy this special treatment when I have no one to feed me food?!

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The poor older boy pouted his lips unhappily at that, but despite his sulkiness, he obediently returned to his seat . He had never gone against his father’s wishes or defied his orders .

“Daddy is a big bully!” muttered the boy under his breath . He was clearly upset with the adult .

As soon as he said that, he felt his father’s stabbing glare on him and dared not to say anything more . Blinking his eyes aggrievedly, he turned his focus to the plate of food in front of him, got some food for himself, and quietly dug in his bowl of rice .

His twin also returned to his seat . Even though he was somewhat upset with his father’s order, the thought of him having enjoyed a bit of that special treatment from his mother soothed and alleviated some of his bitterness . He, thus, felt a lot better and continued eating the meal on his own .

Yun Shishi, however, was laughing up her sleeve . Her eyes crinkled and formed smiling crescents as she sneaked a glance at her husband . She had the feeling that the man was probably feeling jealous as well . Otherwise, he would not have spoken in such an icy manner, even going as far as foiling the children’s plan .

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“Why are you so fierce with the kids?” she asked knowingly .

Mu Yazhe let out a snort and retorted, “Don’t spoil these brats rotten . They’re old enough to eat on their own . It’s not like they can’t use their hands . Why should they need to be fed?”

He narrowed his eyes at his brother-in-law as he spat those meaningful words . He was insinuating that a certain man was behaving just like his two, young nephews—a giant baby who needed to be fed .

Gong Jie seemed to be bent on going against him, though, for he replied with a mischievous grin, “They’re just kids; when I was their age, my sis had to chase me to feed me my meals!”

That was indubitably a provocation directed at the man!

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His gaze turned frigid as he turned to look at his wife with dissatisfaction and disbelief . “Is he telling the truth?”

“Yes,” answered the woman with a laugh . “Xiao Jie was especially finicky when he was young . Even at the age of eight or nine, he still refused to sit down and obediently eat his meal, so I was usually feeding him . ”

Youyou was surprised to hear that . “It turns out that you were a finicky kid . ”

His uncle grinned sheepishly . “That’s right . ”

How envious Little Yichen was when he heard that .

His father, of course, could not look any angrier and more upset . His brother-in-law was obviously trying to ruffle his feathers .

Upon sensing his unhappiness, the woman picked up a piece of beef and brought it right in front of her husband’s mouth . “Here; I’ll feed you a piece of meat, too . ”