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Chapter 2071: 2071
Chapter 2071: Uncle, are you here to scrounge a free meal?

“Who sent these men to follow you?”

“The Gongs . ”

“The Gongs?!” The woman was stunned by the reply, but she did not press further .

After a moment’s silence, she voiced an odd remark . “I’m curious; why did they send men to stalk you? I’m uncomfortable with the thought . Your family is so strange!”

“There’s no special reason, really . First, my family wants to ensure our safety; second, the elders are worried that some of us may be out to create trouble . ”

“Oh, I see . ”

She was piqued by this legendary family by now .

“Is it an enormous household?”

“Yes . ”

“How many members are there in the family?”

Her brother did not know how to answer that question, so he could only give a vague answer . “It’s probably larger than what you can imagine . ”

She suddenly drew close to him conspiratorially and whispered, “Is it comparable to the Mu family?”

The man’s eyes were full of disdain when he replied with a snigger, “The mere Mu family can’t be compared with mine . ”

He had a murderous look when he mentioned his enemies .

The side of her lips twitched .  It looks like Xiao Jie is still holding a great deal of animosity toward the Mus!

Oops! She recalled something out of the blue .

Mu Yazhe told her that he would finish work early tonight, so he could join them for dinner .

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This matter had slipped her mind when she spontaneously invited her brother back to her place for dinner moments ago .  This is gonna look bad…

She could almost sense the crossfire that would take place later at the dinner table .

Her brother was not at all keen to acknowledge her husband as his brother-in-law . Any honorifics he used on her other half were only uttered for her sake .

It looked like there would be an awkward dinner later .

The car parked in front Xiangti Walk and the siblings stepped into the house . The moment they opened the door, both saw the two little lads, who had returned from school, playing games in the living room .

Youyou turned around when he heard noise at the entrance . Seeing his uncle standing beside his mother, his brow arched quizzically . It was a rare sight to see his uncle at their house .

“Uncle, what brought you here today?”

Gong Jie answered calmly, “I’m hungry . ”

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The smart boy was at a loss for words for once .

Little Yichen was equally surprised to see the man, but he soon greeted the visitor with a cheeky grin . “Uncle, are you here to scrounge a free meal tonight?”

The man was unperturbed as he replied shamelessly, “Yes! Your mother has been raving about Youyou’s culinary skills through our entire journey here . She told me that his cooking is at a five-star chef’s level . I’m here because I want to sample on his cooking after hearing her praises . I’m dying to know if his cooking is as wonderful as she claimed it to be . ”

The older boy did not know how to reply to that, either . This was the first time he had encountered someone who could shamelessly argue the act of scrounging into something legit .

The corner of his twin brother’s eyes twitched furiously at the same time .  Have I been betrayed by my mommy?

He did not plan to cook anything tonight .

Yun Shishi poured a glass of water for her brother as he took a seat in the hall . After that, she ran up to her younger son almost pleadingly and cajoled, “Youyou, can you make an exception tonight and show off your skills to your uncle?”

“Mommy, you play-cheat . It’s not my turn to cook tonight . ”

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With his mother on a long year-end break, the boy had a chance to be spared from everyday cooking and house chores as well . He had drawn a roster where he would take turns to cook with his mom .

Today was supposed to be his rest day, so there was no way he would let himself be tricked into cooking .

He had no interest in cooking for anyone else other than his mother .

Showing off his culinary skills was a nonsensical notion to him . Besides, not everyone had the fortune to taste his cooking!

Honestly, cooking was an exerting affair!

One had to select and buy the right ingredients, wash and prepare them, cut, slice, cook and arrange the dishes…

The demand and skills that went into each step were no child’s play .