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Published at 16th of November 2020 11:05:13 PM

Chapter 2069

Yun Shishi was rendered speechless .

“Did you have fun today?” she asked with a smile .

When he was fishing earlier, she knelt at the side to watch . At that moment, she felt as if they had returned to when they were young . He would catch ants while she squatted at the side, holding her head and watching quietly .

It was a closeness she had never had before as she watched the man fish goldfish quietly .

They had matured too fast . Therefore, every childhood memory of hers was extremely precious .

After all, she could never go back to their happy, youthful days .

Some people were sentimental for those times they could never go back to .

Gong Jie glanced at her lovingly as he spoke in a gentle voice . “I’m happy as long as I’m with you . ”

“Why is your mouth so sweet? It seems to be smeared with honey . ”

His sister coyly pushed his shoulder . While she appeared to be feeling disdainful, she was actually extremely happy .

The man hugged her all of a sudden . “Sis…”


Yun Shishi was stunned to see him leaning against her gently . Almost half of his upper body’s weight rested on her shoulder . It was as if he hated to part from her .

“I don’t wanna be separated from you . ” He spoke coquettishly .

“Then, we shall not be separated for the rest of our lives . ”

“But you have my brother-in-law now . ”

He seemed to hold some resentment toward his sister’s husband .

She remained quiet for a while before responding, “You will also marry someone and have kids someday . ”

“No, thanks .

“I don’t want that . I don’t want a wife and just want you…” said her brother, seemingly repulsed by the thought .

The woman could feel sweetness in her heart but also indescribable sourness .

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This rascal, was he acting coy with her?!

The problem was his skill was comparable to Youyou’s .

Both had possessive streaks .

The uncle-nephew pair was similar in their coquettish antics .

She heard once of a parable, saying that different-gendered twins were lovers in their past lives who had a morbid obsession as they were in love but unable to stay together until the end .

If two lovers in their past lives died in the name of love, they would become different-gendered twins in their next lives . They would be together before they were born and have an unbreakable, lifetime bond, where they could protect each other but never fall in love .

This was the prize God gave them for their unwavering loyalty to their love but a punishment for not treasuring their lives .

Yun Shishi was not superstitious about such legends of preexistence, but to her, Gong Jie had been her protector when they were young .

These feelings were deeper than her relationship with Mu Yazhe .

She could feel the dependence her brother had toward her .

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“What are you thinking about?” asked her twin doubtfully, noticing her dazed look .


She regained her senses and dismissed her wild thoughts . Smiling, she asked, “Shall we head back?”

“So early?”

“You can stay for dinner tonight; I will cook some soup for you . ”

The man was highly suspicious about it . “You know how to cook?”

“Of course!” said the woman delightedly .

He splashed her with cold water unceremoniously . “Won’t it be life-threatening to eat the food that you cook?”

“Get lost!”

“I must be responsible for my safety . ”

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“Don’t worry; with your condition, even arsenic won’t be able to kill you . ”

“Your food might be more poisonous than arsenic . ”

“Don’t think I won’t dare to hit you!”

“Ten of you won’t be able to beat me . ”

“Who says so?”

“I can lift you up with just one arm . ”

The two bickered all the way to the car .

All of a sudden, the man sensed something off behind them . He turned around and glanced at an area with secluded trees . He turned his head back quietly, feeling inexplicably uneasy .