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Published at 15th of November 2020 12:05:05 AM

Chapter 2065: 2065

His deep-set eyes concentrated icily on the hoop . With his silvery mob of hair and black woolen coat, he cut across a figure bent on winning while he smirked cockily!

“Look at that man with silver hair fast! OMG! He’s so cool! I always find men who play basketball with just one hand very attractive!”

“Is he a professional basketballer? How can he be so good at getting every ball in?”

“Plus… he looks d*mn sexy with the way he aims for the hoop!”

“I’d cry my heart out if I were the boss . ”


With the last ball spinning on the rim of the hoop before dropping in, Gong Jie turned to face his sister with a grin as he gave her a victory sign .

The actress was too dumbfounded to respond, though .

“Why are you so good with the balls? Did you play this game often in the past?”

He shook his head . “Nope, this is the first time . ”

Yun Shishi looked at her sibling speechlessly . She was starting to suspect that he was not human by now .  This is a difficult challenge!

Inwardly, though, her brother begged to differ with her view .

His dynamic vision was good and hitting target was his forte; hence, this game was a small feat to him .

Back at the Gongs, he had to undergo a series of training where he needed to perfect his gunshots at flying targets . This basketball shooting game was a child’s play compared to that .

Actually, he did not enjoy basketball as he preferred shooting moving targets with guns and arrows .

When the owner saw him shooting the ten basketballs with seeming ease, his eyes rolled with astonishment .

The woman trotted to the prize table excitedly and told the owner, “Boss, we got ten balls in! Could I have my prize?”

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“Oh, okay…”

The boss was still reeling from shock as he pointed at the row of plushies . “Take your pick!”


She went through the items and finally settled on a giant panda bear . “I want this!”

“This one? No, you can’t . You can only select one from the few items here . ”

He pointed to a few plushies which were a size smaller to the one she wanted .

“Why is that so?” She was disappointed .

“The prize will differ according to the game . You’ll need to shoot twenty-four balloons to win this giant panda bear . ”

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The woman was disappointed to hear that and settled for a bunny with drooping ears unwillingly .

Well . At least, I got something .  She consoled herself .

Her brother saw how disappointed she looked . Casting a glance at the giant panda bear, he asked the boss, “How do we win this plushy?”

The owner pointed at a shooting board with attached small balloons first before pointing at an air gun, asking while smiling slyly, “You need to pop twenty-four of these balloons to get the plushie bear . Do you wanna try it, handsome?”

The giant panda bear was a special prize which came from a duty-free store . It was over a hundred meters in size and bulk and cost over 300 yuan .

Nobody had taken down this prize so far .

This was unsurprising as the person needed to take down twenty-four balloons with twenty-five blanks . Furthermore, it was an air gun with a unique mechanism which was not easy to control . Most people could not hit twenty-four balloons without misses .

He walked to the shooting range, picked up the air gun, and fidgeted with it for a while before telling the owner, “Fill the bullet cartridge for me . ”

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“Sure! One game is ten yuan . ”

He looked at his sister who quickly made the payment after she recovered from her stunned silence .

Getting twenty-four hits is a harsh prerequisite!

Basically, one would be considered a wonder if he could hit twenty balloons .

The lady did not have any high hopes in the first place, but looking at how enthusiastic her twin was, she decided to let him have his fun . Since her brother had never played this game before, she would let him have an experience .

The owner immediately filled the bullet cartridges with blanks for the man and then passed the air rifle to him .