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Published at 13th of November 2020 02:15:05 PM

Chapter 2061: 2061

A password was set on the phone . Even so, it posed no challenge to him at all, for he easily unlocked the screen on his first try .

What came into view was a headshot of his sister and his nephews, which was saved as her phone’s wallpaper . She had her head leaning against Youyou’s as they smiled for the camera . The photo was photobombed by the mischievous older twin, though; his head was seen popping out from the side .

He squeezed his brows together for a moment .

A selfie .

It seems that women all love taking selfies .

Somehow, he found himself opening the selfie application, FACEU, on her phone, which revealed his handsome face on the screen . Feeling curious, he clicked on a decoration, only to see his face layered with images of a cat’s nose, whiskers, and ears . Even his eyes had been magically magnified!

His arrogant, detached looks now only appeared to be cute in this camera app with beautifying effects .

His interest was piqued . Feeling all excited now, he copied his younger nephew’s expression and petulantly pouted for the camera before he snapped a photo of himself .

Unfortunately for him, he did not appear as natural as the boy and, instead, looked rather awkward no matter which angle he checked the photo .

He promptly deleted it and started posing in front of the camera again .

Click .

“Please add more chili! As the spicier it is, the better it’ll taste!”

Yun Shishi’s eyes glowed in delight as she stared at the tantalizing red soup in the bowl!

It had been a long time since she last ate spicy hotpot, so she wanted to enjoy it as much as she could .

She was resolved to let her brother experience the taste of spicy hotpot!

The woman then turned around to return to her seat and happened to see him posing a V gesture, which he had learned from Youyou, before the camera .

Realizing that he had been caught in the act, Gong Jie awkwardly placed her phone back down on the table . Inevitably, he felt somewhat… embarrassed to have his sister catch him acting cute in front of the camera . Feeling quite uncomfortable, he cleared his throat and sneaked a peek at her .


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She could no longer contain it and burst out laughing loudly .

“What are you laughing about?!”

He was feeling even more embarrassed now . His face turned beet red as he fidgeted uneasily in his seat .

“N-Nothing! I wasn’t laughing at you . ”

“Then, what are you laughing about?”

She tried holding back her laughter to reply . “It’s just that I’ve never seen a full-grown man like you acting cute before . I must say that you have quite a heart which is quite tender like a young lady’s . ”

My dear brother, aren’t you aware that the surrounding people are looking at you like you’re a freak when you take cute selfies of yourself?

His face was scalding hot by now, feeling thoroughly embarrassed .

What a blatant lie .

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She’s obviously teasing me right now .

What he actually wanted to do was take a nice selfie of himself and save it as her phone’s wallpaper, but somehow, his pictures just did not come out right no matter how he took them . He was not satisfied with any of them .

While sitting back down at the table, she suddenly realized something, which made her narrow her eyes in suspicion . “I recall having set a password on my phone . ”

“Y-Yeah…” he answered, feeling rather guilty .

“You… How do you know my password?”

“It’s such a simple password . ”

Inwardly, though, he retorted, If I can’t even crack your phone’s password, how am I worthy of being called Gong Jie?

Besides, the password is her birth date, which is so easy anyone else can guess it .

Just when his sister was about to snatch her phone back, he quickly retracted his hand and looped his free arm around her shoulders . His magnetic yet indolent voice reverberated in her ear .

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“Come . Look at the camera . ”

She confusedly lifted her head, only to hear a click in the next second . A photo of them had been taken .

In the photo, her brother was found smiling devilishly with a deep look in his eyes, while she appeared to be all dazed and confused . It was obvious that she had been caught off guard .

Nonetheless, the man found his sister’s expression irresistibly adorable and was fully satisfied with the photo . His lips arched up in a mesmerizing smile as he stared at it .

He finally had a photo of the two of them .

He could not help feeling immensely satisfied .

“My sister is pretty even when she’s in a daze . ”