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Published at 11th of November 2020 02:25:05 PM

Chapter 2055: 2055

This role of hers was an arduous and thankless task . The audience would hate her and wish for her to die soon when they watched this series .

The moment this was aired, her Weibo would certainly be under attacks .

This role was truly strenuous and unrewarding .

Not only did her role try to persecute the female lead in various ways, she even tried to steal the male lead . She was truly a sinister role with plenty of shrewd schemes .

When she first saw the script, she resented the character, but she was more excited about acting it out . It was inspiring to take on such a difficult and challenging role .

Of course, she was also prepared to accept all kinds of spitting .

Mu Xi snorted coldly as she whispered to her charge, “It’s not fair at all! Lin Zhi was very fitting to act such a villainous role since she’d just be acting herself! Shishi, why didn’t you accept the female lead role? Boss Qin arranged everything for you; even Director Gu picked you . ”

Hearing this from the side, Lin Zhi retorted, “She’s just self-aware that she’s not good enough for the main role . With her lack of fame, she definitely couldn’t pick up the ratings . ”

Apart from a few main cast, the director and the upper management had yet to arrive, so the senior actress had no misgivings with her words .

She was extremely unhappy with the newbie, but she could not do anything about it .

Therefore, she could only rely on her swift tongue .

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The assistant was immediately incensed upon hearing her remark . This woman was intentionally provoking them when the director was not around!

She was just about to speak when her charge held her back . Yun Shishi then turned to face her colleague with an elegant smile . “It can’t be helped that I’m a skilled actress . If you were given such a difficult role, you’d definitely do it injustice . Letting you have the female lead was me taking care of you . You should thank me . ”

Her remark was casual but filled with mockery .

Several actors seated near them let out a ‘pfft’ as they hid their laughter by covering their mouths .

Lin Zhi instantly lost face, and she glared at the newbie hatefully before saying stubbornly, “Who said I couldn’t act the role? How could my skills be worse than yours?! He he! Don’t be too full of yourself! If such words were to spread, you might end up being a joke! Where did you get your confidence to say that you are a better actress than I am right to my face?”

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Hua Jin furrowed his eyebrows impatiently but did not say anything .

Hearing this, Yun Shishi only gave a venomous response . “I wouldn’t dare to think that way . I don’t have the right to say such words in front of an actress who has to rely on underhanded means to become famous . ”

Being hit with such a sharp rebuff, the senior actress’s expression became incomparably ashen .

The newcomer’s words did not leave her any dignity and left her humiliated to the bones with how she dragged her skin until nothing was left in front of everyone!

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Everyone hid their faces as they laughed . This scene was simply too gratifying .

As they did not dare to bicker with Lin Zhi and were afraid to say anything to her, most of them could only tolerate her in the production team .

Hence, Yun Shishi’s words had helped them vent out their resentment!

The woman surveyed her surroundings . Be it the main cast or supporting roles, they were all secretly laughing at her . Their gazes were filled with contempt! She felt as if she were sitting on pins and needles, completely and utterly humiliated!

She did not realize that this newbie artist had such a sharp tongue!

The former reckoned that the latter was picking on a weak spot of hers to stomp on viciously .

She was utterly incensed and wanted to leave the celebration, but then she thought of how she might offend the upper management who had yet to arrive with her sudden departure . She was fearful that the director would make things difficult for her if she ended up irking him .