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Chapter 2054: 2054
Chapter 2054: Smoothly Completed

Mu Shumin muttered to herself for a while before letting out a sigh suddenly . “Don’t look down on your second brother, though! Think about it; he avoided all sorts of calamities in this family when he was a child . With him inheriting the power, it shows that he isn’t a well-doer . His underhanded means aren’t something you can confront with your current position . Don’t go provoking him until the moment is right . Your second uncle and I are still a bit afraid of him, so don’t fool around . ”

Mu Yancheng nodded his head . “You should know that I don’t like stirring trouble . ”

“What you need to do now is become stronger—stronger than him! As for your second uncle and I, we will promote you to some of the elders in the family first . Yancheng, remain good, alright? We will definitely help you!”

He was pleased beyond expectations . Although he was perilously overjoyed inwardly, he remained calm and collected outwardly . “Yes! I don’t deserve your high regard, aunt! I will work hard and definitely won’t let your support and expectations go to waste . If I get the chance to sit on the throne, I’ll definitely do my best to make our family even more powerful!”

“I’m extremely gratified by your words, nephew!”

The elderly lady smiled, yet her heart was filled with other intentions .

All she wanted was just an obedient puppet .

She still hoped that the master of the family would be her son!

This chap was thoughtful and obedient . When the time came for him to be abdicated, her son would undoubtedly be given the chance to succeed the throne .

The two individuals did not say another word as they secretly harbored different ulterior motives .

Yun Shishi sped through the filming for half a week straight and completed all her scenes smoothly by the weekend .

The day she ended her filming, Hua Jin happened to return from Sea City to the production team .

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With her parts completed, they were more than half done with the filming . In a good mood, Gu Xiaoyang ordered a huge cake and magnanimously booked a huge private room in a hotel that night to celebrate .

The actress noticed that the idol had returned to the production team and that his stitches had been removed . He had his haughty demeanor as if nothing had changed .

However, now, he seemed to treat her coldly .

He nodded his head slightly with a smile when he saw her but did not converse thereafter .

As for what had happened those few days, he did not utter a word about it .

She originally wanted to show concern about the issue with Lin Xueya, but she decided against it after seeing his distant attitude .

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It seemed as if he… had changed a lot .

To others, he was still neither friendly nor cold .

Could it be that he was worried about that rich lady, and that was why he was keeping a distance from her?

She was a bit upset .

She was keen on helping him leave the industry and escape that woman’s clutches .

The actress could tell that he genuinely hated that woman and wanted to break away from her control, but his fear of her overruled his loathing .

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She did not know exactly how powerful the Lins were for him to be trembling in fear .

He was probably afraid of implicating her!

That was what she thought .

During the celebratory banquet, everyone was enjoying themselves . However, despite the smile on her face, she was feeling slightly down .

She was a little reluctant to part with the production team . They had been filming together for such a long time in laughter and in tears . Although there was some unhappiness, there were still more unforgettable memories .

“Shishi, I really admire you! You smoothly completed your parts, while we still have to endure a little longer,” said an actress with a minor role enviously .

She teased . “What’s there to admire about? The audience is probably clapping their hands with joy now that my role is wrapped up!”