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Published at 10th of November 2020 10:15:07 PM

Chapter 2053: 2053

It looked like his aunt had reached the end of her patience with his second brother, and this was the golden opportunity that he had been waiting for! He would make use of this lacuna to overthrow his brother for the family head position!

Hiding his inner glee with a look of misery, he let out a sigh suddenly with furrowed brows . “I wish for that, too! Actually, I’m not looking for power or status, but rather, I’m disappointed with my second brother as well . There’s no point in having this much wealth when our family is subjected to the public’s ridicule due to his lowly marriage! Our century-old reputation mustn’t be destroyed by him, aunt! If I were the leader, instead, I’d definitely listen to my second uncle’s arrangement on whom I should marry to bring glory to our family!” The young man was set on winning over his aunt with his words of submission .

Indeed, his words did the trick as the woman was greatly comforted by his declaration . If his second brother had half of his self-sacrificing attitude, she would not need to experience so much anger .

However, before she could say anything, the chap suddenly shook his head regretfully . “What a pity, though; I was just the heir presumptive, whereas my second brother was the heir apparent . It’s only right that he is now this household’s head! No matter how eager and sincere I am to run this family, my bloodline isn’t pure like his! I’m afraid I have no hope of helping this family!” He hung his head in dejection thereafter .

The elderly woman could not help feeling sorry for him when she heard that and instantly voiced her objection . “What do you mean by him having a pure lineage? All of you are the same as long as you hold the surname of Mu! It doesn’t make a difference which one of you is this household’s head, so don’t put yourself down anymore . ”

“I’m not putting myself down; those were the words verbalized by the family elders, right? They said that he is exceptional and is of pure lineage . They also said that the Mus should follow the tradition of having the firstborn lead the household . What could I do when I didn’t have my second brother’s good fortune? Sigh!”

His long and heavy sigh made his aunt feel worse for him .

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The young chap then continued . “Aunt, can’t you see that second brother is out to put you down together with the second uncle? Now that he’s removed all your men in the leadership team, who else could speak up for you both? He doesn’t even look at your proposals during the meetings with the board of directors anymore! That’s so disrespectful; I feel so unjust for you two! He’s an ingrate!” He slammed his fist on the table as a demonstration of his anger .

As the chap added fuel to the fire, his aunt’s anger was stoked again!

“How ridiculous!” The woman hit the roof again when her nephew reminded her of the unhappy incident .

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“Your uncle and I were blind in the past to support that chap! You could blame me for my wrong choice!”

Mu Yancheng sniggered . “Well, let’s see how much havoc he can create when he loses everyone’s vote of confidence!”

“You’d better prove yourself from now on . I’ll speak to your uncle about putting you as the head, instead . ” His aunt assured him .

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This was exactly what he wanted to hear!

Her words injected confidence in him . Honestly, he had not expected her to show support openly, so he was simply overjoyed to win her overt assurance easily .

One must not underestimate this middle-aged lady, who still held considerable status and power within the Mu household .

Moreover, she would rope in Mu Linfeng, who was highly regarded within the family . One word from that elder would easily supersede an eloquent argument from any of his nephews!