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Chapter 2052: 2052

Mu Yancheng was different, though!

He might not be as capable as his second brother, but his ambition was by no means lesser .

Since ancient times, no one could resist the allure of power and status, especially when one had a taste of what it was like to have multitudes bowing to him in servitude . The desire for more would consume anyone!

Who would not aspire to reach the top and become the strongest?

Although the Mu family was no royalty, it was no different from an imperial household .

Hence, he had always been competing with Mu Yazhe since they were small . Alas, he was always a notch below his second brother in everything .

At that time, Mu Linfeng was disappointed, too, with his performance and decided to support the other as heir, instead .

Everyone else was also very satisfied with the capability and performance of the heir apparent then and had no complaints whatsoever .

This led him to give up his struggle for the household throne . It was until Yun Shishi came into the picture .

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The tides had turned in his favor with her appearance . Now, those in the family had mixed reviews regarding the new head .

Some elders had no objections whatsoever on who his second brother married . As long as he remained capable and let the family business flourish, they could not care less . Besides, there were not many families which could match their power and status in the capital, so they reckoned that the young man should have a say in whom he wanted as his partner .

However, some opined that the young man would be led astray sooner or later by that vixen in his life . Historically, this was tried and tested . Kings had truly lost their kingdoms because of the women in their lives . There would be no guarantee that such a ridiculous thing would not happen with the chap .

Mu Linfeng was especially upset, for the spies he had placed around his nephew were stripped of their positions when the young chap assumed office .

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Indeed, the team of advisors would reshuffle with every change of leadership, and this was enough to cause great concern for this elder .

The pawn, which he had invested time and resources in grooming to be the next leader, was starting to have a mind of his own!

The older man felt a sense of alarm, which he never had before .

Of course, this spelled an excellent chance for Mu Yancheng .

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With his uncle’s disappointment in his second brother, he could look to the elder for support in his fight to usurp the family head position .

His uncle was a control freak, which might be a family trait . Regardless of how capable the instated leader might be, the elder preferred someone whom he could control . Hence, Mu Yazhe’s recent behavior made him very worried .

Mu Yancheng’s words were a reminder of his suitability for the role—no doubt! True enough, his aunt had the same thought after listening to him . This nephew of hers was different from his second brother . Unlike Mu Yazhe, who would tell her off whenever she lectured him, the young chap beside her had always been obedient to her . Despite the latter’s apparent arrogance, he remained respectful to the family elders .

Compared to her other nephew, this one was a safer choice as their family leader!

The older lady turned her head abruptly to face her nephew and gazed straight into his eyes . “I’m thinking… You’ll make a better leader compared to your second brother! That brother of yours is too independent and worrisome . Since he took over the reins, he’s been insolent with his demands . Our grand family doesn’t exist for his sake alone!” She expressed her sincere thoughts along with her suppressed grievances .

The young man nodded his head vigorously, feeling elated inwardly!