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Published at 8th of November 2020 10:50:09 PM

Chapter 2046

She recognized the diamond necklace that her competitor was wearing instantly . This was a rare piece globally . Her husband had given her such jewelry as a gift .

The one on Lin Zhi was obviously a fake .

Leaving the poor loser gawking in shame and disbelief, the actress gracefully sauntered away with a snigger!

By the time her competitor managed to recompose herself, she was already gone . Turning around, the woman could only grind her teeth in exasperation .

“Yun Shishi!”

“Kudos to you back there! What a great way to show off your power!”

Mu Xi was particularly thrilled as she watched from the sidelines . She happened to bump into the two celebs during their confrontation and was about to lend her assistance when her charge finished off her competitor followed by a grand exit .

She added excitedly, “Do you know how arrogant that woman was when she returned from Sea City with the trophy? The crew then was giving her so much flattery that it made me sick! She was so insolent!”

“Alright . Don’t be mad anymore . ”

“Of course, I’m upset! Still, he he… Huanyu’s swift action the following day turned her into the butt of jokes quickly . Many may appear respectful before her, but they are all laughing at her from behind! No wonder she came looking for trouble with you the moment you’re back on set . Her antagonized look really made my day! Ha ha!”

Her assistant could not get over her glee . There was no need to be kind to a smug like Lin Zhi .

Yun Shishi asked suddenly, “Where’s Hua Jin?”

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“Hua Jin?”

Her assistant shook her head; she did not have the slightest idea of his whereabouts . “I haven’t seen him on set these past few days… I heard that he’s sick and needs to rest . ”

“Oh, okay . ”

He’s probably in the hospital still .

She then recalled the haughty woman who had appeared unexpectedly at the hospital and felt so sorry for the young man again .

Noting her dazed look, the assistant asked out of concern, “What’s wrong? What’re you thinking of?”

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“Nothing much . ” She then smiled . “I’m going in to get ready! There are two more scenes to complete today . ”

“That’s right! You just have a handful of scenes left to film . The production should be able to wrap up in a few days . ”

The actress went to change into her costume and let the team do her styling . She had taken the chance to memorize the remaining script again while resting at home over the last few days . Her preparedness paid off as the scenes were basically completed in just one take .

After the actress and her assistant finished with their work, they had a good banter as they walked to the car park, ready to leave for the day .

The street lights were sparse in the spacious car park of the studio, rendering the place dim and dark as night began to fall .

While the two ladies were chattering enthusiastically, they noticed an elongated car slowly driving toward them .

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They did not pay attention to the vehicle until it braked abruptly in front of them .

A few men in all black alighted from the stationary car, looking to pounce on them any time .

Mu Xi was immediately put on high alert . Looking at them warily, she questioned coldly, “Who are you? Why are you blocking our way?”

“Yun Shishi!”

A stern and frigid female voice could be heard from the car .

The actress gazed in where the voice had come from and saw an elegantly dressed, middle-aged lady alighting from the car with the help of a man .

She instantly recognized this person . Mu Shumin!

What is she doing here?!