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Published at 5th of November 2020 11:45:09 PM

Chapter 2037

“I’m asking a question; can you answer me? I wanna know because I feel very uneasy . I have a feeling that your niece means more to you than I do! Because of her, you’ve broken your promises time and again! You let her hurt me with your overindulgence! What’s the reason for you to be so protective of her? If this were anybody else, you would ruthlessly get rid of the person, but you’re lenient with her despite her persistent misdeeds toward me! Is she so important that you can neglect my feelings?!”

Her tone was calm but the agitation in her words caused him to knit his brows in frustration .

Clasping her cheeks with his hands, he planted a fierce kiss on her lips in hopes of cooling her down .

With his lips plastered next to hers, he asked dully, “Must you always make wild conjectures about me?”

The woman did not say a word . Instead, a teardrop rolled down from her eye which fell on his arm .

Her voice was hoarse and quivering when she broke down . “Other than trying to guess your mind, what… else can I do?”

“You don’t share your thoughts with me! Other than trying to guess what’s on your mind, what else can I do?”

Startled, the man’s eyes glinted momentarily as her words dug deep into his heart .

“I willingly share my every thought to you, be it happy, depressing, exciting, or saddening, but what about you? You’re always silent; you never let me know what’s on your mind! Do you know that I feel very lonely when you keep to yourself…”

He was struck dumb by her words . A sense of panic he had never encountered before started to overwhelm him .

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Truly, he was at a loss . He did not know how to ease her fear .

The only thing he knew to do was to hug her close to him, hoping that she would get to hear his heart beating furiously for her with their proximity .

It was true that he was a man of a few words . He was not one who knew how to express the love in his heart with words alone . Telling her that he loved her was something he could only do inwardly; he did not know how to say that to her face .

Thus, all he could do was hug her close to his chest, hoping that she could sense the love from his beating heart—the kind that was free of pretense—but her insistence on wanting him to verbalize his true, heartfelt affection for her was driving him crazy!

He really did not know how to give weight to mere words which could adequately tell her how important she was to him .

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The woman buried her head in his chest; tears had flowed freely down her face by then . The recollection of that fateful day on the rooftop was a despondent reminder of how close she was to death!

The culprit behind that misery was Song Enya!

She had an uncanny sixth sense and was sure that the missy had orchestrated that plot even though she did not have any solid evidence on hand right now .

Truth be told, could he truly understand the hatred she felt toward his niece?

“What does your niece mean to you and what about me? What does it mean to have me in your life? Can you answer me, please?”

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Holding her in his arms, the man’s heart seemed to suffocate under her pressing questions .

Just when she was about to give up, his husky voice spoke out of the blue . “She has once dispelled the darkness in my life . ”

The man closed his eyes slowly as he spilled his past . “It felt like the end of the world when my mother passed away . I lost the pillar in my life; I didn’t know if I could sustain any further . ”