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Published at 5th of November 2020 11:45:11 PM

Chapter 2036

The man fell silent again .

“You don’t have to fake sleeping!”

The woman’s eyes remained shut despite his words; she was not moved .

This little thing deserved to be taught a lesson!

With this thought in mind, the man leaned his torso over hers and started to move his palm across her smooth and tender skin . Since she was adamant on not facing him, he would jerk her eyes open through any means .

His cool fingertips contrasted sharply with his body heat which made her jump instantly . Catching hold of his arm, she slowly opened her eyes in the dark .

Her orbs shone like agate stones under the moonbeams streaming in from outside the window .

“Are you willing to open your eyes finally?” commented the man with a smile .

The woman merely retorted coldly, “Why are you back this late?”

“I had dinner with a few directors; that’s why . ”

“Why didn’t you call over the last few days?”

“You were mad at me,” he answered simply .

The woman’s heart sank . Her pupils contracted all of a sudden as she continued to interrogate him . “Is that your reason for not calling? What a grand excuse! Should you ignore me just because I’m upset? Did you think that I deserved a cold treatment after our argument?”

The man remained silent .

Drawing in a deep breath, she continued with her eyes wide open . “I admit that my words were harsh that day, and they might’ve hurt you, but have you considered that you did the same to me, too?”

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Since he wanted to have a heart-to-heart talk, she might as well voice all her frustration to him .

“Tell me: Was this how you treated your niece before my presence in your life? Did you ignore her when she was upset or when she threw a tantrum?”

The man maintained his silence, not bothering to provide a simple explanation to her .

Her heart grew cold at his impassive reaction . “Is that true? You’d indulge her with all your patience and let her have her way…”

All she knew was that her man was extremely loving toward that niece of his . According to the missy’s proud proclamation, he would accommodate her every request and demand . His indulgence for her was infinite .

Why was that so, though? Why was the man so patient with his niece but not with her?

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How unfair! At the very least, I’m his wife!

I’m his lawful wife!

His obligation should be for me, first and foremost, be it emotionally or legally!

What wrong did I do to deserve so many days of neglect?

She fretted endlessly over his thoughts every day and had to make wild guesses on what could be on his mind .

The woman did not want to return home not just because she wanted to look after Hua Jin but also because she did not want to face him . The fact was that she did not know how to face him .

She asked him stoutly, “Am I undeserving of your love?” There was no mincing of words as she demanded an answer from him with a sorrowful heart .

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“Why must your words be so hurtful all the time?”

“I just want to know who is more important to you: me or your niece?” She persisted in her demand .

Although she might have an inkling of the answer, be it from Qin Zhou or the other people close to him, such as Lu Jinyu or Jiang Shen, she still wanted to hear the answer from the man himself .

They reassured her repeatedly of her importance to this man, but she was still doubtful . She had to have confirmation right from the horse’s mouth .

She could only be certain of his love for her if she were to hear him say that .

“Why are you asking me such a question?”

The man did not know the reason for her persistence . He could not understand what she wanted to derive from his lips .