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Published at 4th of November 2020 11:50:06 PM

Chapter 2035: 2035
Chapter 2035: Helpless

Therefore, she feigned sleep to avoid an awkward situation .

Mu Yazhe turned away and walked into the bathroom . Hearing the flowing water, she presumed that he was taking a bath .

After bathing, he changed into his pajamas and got onto the bed gently .

The man’s tall and lean body gave her a huge sense of security .

Even though he had not touched her, Yun Shishi could still feel his broad chest behind her .

She closed her eyes, afraid to open them, and pretended to have fallen asleep with her stable breathing .

He seemed not to be aware of her conscious state . Thinking that she had fallen asleep, his movements were careful as if he feared waking her up .

Just as she thought that they would spend the night being apart from each other, the man suddenly pressed himself close to her .

His body was scalding hot .

It was hotter than normal .

Although they were separated by their coral-fleece pajamas, she could still feel the hot temperature of his skin .

Why was he so hot?

The woman was palpitating with fear, yet she could feel his gentle movements . The man held the back of her neck softly and stuck out his arm to cushion her neck before carefully and gently pulling her into his embrace . He circled his other arm around her waist, locking her in his arms .

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She was so nervous that her entire body turned rigid, afraid to even make the slightest movement .

The man seemed to sense that her body had stiffened . Somewhat flabbergasted, he assumed that she had been frozen cold .

The weather at night was freezing . Even with the heater turned on in the room, she would still fall sick easily as her body was weak . He knew that about her . The moment her workload was heavier, her body would be unable to bear the burden, and she would fall sick if not taken good care of .

He hugged her closer as he tried to use his body heat to warm her up .

Yun Shishi kept her eyes closed, afraid to move, but she was still slightly angry with him, so she was unwilling to let him hug her in their sleep . She intentionally twisted her body, pretending to move in her sleep, and shifted toward the empty side of the bed .

Mu Yazhe’s lips curled helplessly before hugging her waist, not allowing her to move .

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After tossing and turning for a while, the man finally sensed that something was amiss . This woman in his arms was not asleep at all! She was still awake and was just pretending to be asleep to deal with him .

He could tell that she was still furious . Despite intentionally trying to get close to her and curry favor with her, she did not seem to take the bait . She tried to escape to the other side of the bed, wishing to be far away from him .

Little fool!

Was she trying to display her anger on him?!

In the darkness, the man’s black, jade-like eyes narrowed as he stared fixedly at the woman before him, feigning tranquility . He could understand this lassie’s difficult mood, yet he did not know what to do .

She was the only woman he had no idea how to deal with .

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After being silent for a long time, he finally opened his mouth and spoke .

“You’re awake?”

The woman refused to speak and ignored him .

She was still angry, but it was no good to vent her unhappiness on him . Therefore, she could only keep it in, shrivel it up, and tolerate it alone . This was the only way she could accuse him silently .

Despite seeing that she was ignoring him, the man did not feel angry . He lowered his head and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead, but the woman unexpectedly turned her face away and avoided him silently .

It was an intentional sidestep .

He fell silent again .