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Published at 4th of November 2020 02:20:09 AM

Chapter 2033: 2033

Song Enya had gone missing, and her family was in chaos due to that .

No one knew why that lady had ridiculously disappeared .

Yun Shishi did not know what had happened exactly, either .

When Youyou was done making dinner, he saw his mother sitting there in a daze . He walked over and tapped her gently on the head .

“Mommy, what are you thinking about?”

“Uh… nothing . ” She pouted as she rubbed her forehead . “It hurts . ”

“I saw you being absent-minded and… unhappy . ”

He was observant, after all . He could tell that she was unhappy with just a glance .

The woman shook her head and remained silent .

In her heart, her son was still a child . What could he know?

What happened between adults should not affect a child’s mood .

The lad secretly let out a sigh .

It seemed that his daddy had made his mommy angry again .

He felt helpless .

The boy knew that even if he doted and pampered his mommy, it would not win against a tender, sweet comment from his daddy .

He knew what his mom wanted, but he could not give it to her .

Moreover, it was inappropriate for a junior like him to interfere with the issue between his parents .

Interfering would only make things worse .

They should be the ones settling the issue between them .

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Although he was not happy, he could only pretend not to know .

The fella may be young, but he could see through things easily .

He just smiled and did not expose her, urging gently, “Mommy, it’s time to eat! Daddy, that bad guy, is probably still busy at the company! Let’s not wait for him . ”

“Has he been coming home very late these past few days?”

“Yeah! He’s been working late in the office . I even tailed him once! Don’t worry; he hasn’t been fooling around . ”

Yun Shishi was thoroughly amused by the rascal .

Little Yichen instantly testified as well . “I can prove it! Although daddy always returned home late, he still came home without fail . ”

She could not stop laughing . “The both of you are so clever . ”

“We have to be! We need to be the ones keeping an eye on daddy when you’re not around . ”

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“Has he been eating on time?”

“No . There was once when I checked on him at his office . He was still in a meeting at 12:30 noon . He seems to be really busy these days . ”

She nodded her head before carrying her older son all of a sudden . “Let’s not wait for him anymore . Let’s eat!”

“Okay . ”

Dinner was sumptuous and exquisite . There were only five dishes and one soup, but there was still fish and meat .

The woman was famished as she did not eat anything on the plane . She ate like a hurricane at the dining table with no regard for her image .

Youyou watched with his mouth agape . He picked some food for her while watching her pig out .



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“Shouldn’t you watch your image? Be more ladylike, please . ” The corners of his lips twitched as he spoke tactfully . “You look like a refugee when you eat like this!”

The older boy took a stab at her, too . “Ha ha! I’m used to the way mommy looks when she eats . ”

She became quiet as she glared at her older son . “What? Do you feel disdain for me?”

“No, I don’t!” He held in his laughter . “Mommy is beautiful no matter what . ”

“Why do I need to watch my image in front of you two?”

After dinner, she insisted on washing the dishes, so her younger son sat on a stool by the side and chatted with her .

Little Yichen had been appointed to walk the dog .

He felt indignant, but with a glare from Youyou, the fella could only bring the dog out obediently .

It was quiet in the kitchen, where only the sound of running water and the clinking of dishes could be heard .