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Published at 3rd of November 2020 11:30:12 PM

Chapter 2031

“No,” replied the woman while trying to hide her guilty look . “Mommy and daddy are good . ”

“Then, why did you look so angry when you said that?” pressed on Detective Youyou with narrowed eyes . He sensed something fishy from his mother’s reply .

His mother became more guilt-stricken after his questioning . “That’s not true . ”

“If you say so . Well, I’m gonna leave you two to your business . Don’t get me worried; I’m going to cook now!”

After saying that, he went to the kitchen to get busy .

His mother accompanied the older son to watch his TV program in the living room . While the boy enjoyed his military infotainment, the woman checked out the latest gossip on her phone .

She did not expect there to be so much news on Weibo after a few days’ absence .

Life is a show, indeed .

There was much hoo-ha over Lin Zhi’s latest win at the Golden Eagle Awards . Under Huanyu’s directives, all major publications carried the headlines of her underhanded means to obtain the trophy . The newspapers claimed that the award would have gone to Yun Shishi if it had not been for her team’s vicious efforts to rob the prize from the rightful winner .

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The production team, especially the director, of ‘Lethal Beauty’ was also bothered by the negative news .

The team was halfway through the production when the news broke out . He was concerned that the audience might boycott the show once it was ready for release . Not only would this affect the ratings, it would also cast a negative light on his reputation .

Gu Xiaoyang had poured his heart and soul into this drama, and if it were to fail for reasons other than its production quality, it would not go down well with anyone, let alone him .

Hence, the director went to confront Huanyu’s management . He wanted Ji Lin to account for this piece of gossip circulating on all the social-media platforms, be it Weibo, Tieba, or blogs . It was clear that the entertainment powerhouse had a part to play in this constant headline surrounding the ugly truth on the Golden Eagle Festival . It was going all out to crush Lin Zhi .

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The crux of the matter was that she happened to hold the female lead role in ‘Lethal Beauty’ . The media company had poured a substantial sum in this drama’s production, too . Thus, the director wanted to know what game the company was playing . “What’s the point of harping on her negative news? It may trigger a poor response to ‘Lethal Beauty’!”

He was deeply regretting his decision to agree for Lin Zhi to take the lead . If he had stuck to Yun Shishi, there would not be so many issues like what he was facing now .

He could see many netizens turning against his lead actress from the comments posted on Weibo . Furthermore, some had even begun to suggest boycotting the upcoming show to drum in their disgust for the ‘b*tch’ .

While he was absolutely incensed when he read this, Huanyu remained optimistic for the upcoming release .

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Ji Lin remained nonchalant as he returned the director’s question with one of his . “What are you afraid of? Why would the audience boycott a good production? Don’t worry unnecessarily; you just have to concentrate on making a good show . ”

“Are you certain it’s gonna be okay?” The director squinted his eyes in disbelief . “This isn’t the first time a show’s ratings have been affected by negative news . Take the case of the former lister, Wen Zhang . After his extramarital affair blew up on him a few years ago, the audience has been boycotting his shows even now . How can you say that an artist’s negative news will have no impact on a show?”

The other man merely retorted, “Don’t you have confidence in your ability?”