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Published at 30th of October 2020 11:50:08 PM

Chapter 2020: 2020
Chapter 2020: Song Enya has gone missing!

Are they going into a cold war now?

Min Yu felt extremely vexed and fretful over this matter .

“Boss, you’re being too petty here . It’s only reasonable for the young madam to get angry . ”

A stabbing, icy glare was sent in his direction right away . His boss stared fixedly at him like a ferocious beast .

“Come again?”

The two words, devoid of warmth, made him swallow down his indignation for his young madam as he tearfully thought, The young madam is my boss’s first love . Never mind that he doesn’t know how to coax women; he doesn’t even have the heart to learn the know-how humbly . That’s no good at all!

“Tell me how I should cajole her, then,” unhurriedly Mu Yazhe asked . “She’s seething with rage right now . Every word she spouted was as sharp and aggressive as a knife . ”

“Isn’t that because you didn’t handle things properly? You can’t blame anyone for that, boss . ”

The man appeared even frostier now .

Thus, the assistant obediently zipped his mouth and blinked his eyes at him to express his innocence .

“Are you giving me a lecture now?”

“N-No… I wouldn’t dare to do so . ”

“That’s rich coming from a longtime bachelor . ”

Looking rather envious and pitiful, Min Yu lamented, “If I could find my other half, I’d definitely treat her like a piece of treasure and never talk back at her . ”

His superior shut his eyes, rested his head against the headrest, and sighed . “I’m just feeling helpless; I don’t know what I should do with her . ”

“Gently coax, cajole, and hug her as you would with a child . ”

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His phone rang just then .

Mumbling an apology to the man, he picked up the call and heard a frantic voice coming from the other end .

“Song Enya has gone missing!”


His pitch rose promptly as he asked in disbelief, “What’s going on?!”

The caller reported, “She isn’t at the hospital . In fact, she’s been missing since last night . Her family members, too, don’t know her whereabouts and are all racked with worries . We’re still trying to locate her, but there’s no news of her presently . ”

“How’s that possible? Where could she have gone?”

“I have no idea . ”

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“Keep the search going until she’s found . ”

“Understood . ”

Having seemingly heard the word ‘missing’ from the phone conversation, an apprehensive Mu Yazhe clarified his doubt with his assistant as soon as the latter ended the call . “What is missing?”

“I’ve just received news that your niece has disappeared from the hospital . The Songs are currently looking for her anxiously . ”

“She’s gone missing?”

A deep frown and an icy look descended on his forehead

“Yes . ” Min Yu continued speaking . “Although we don’t have conclusive evidence, I suspect that she has something to do with that matter regarding Mu Wanrou . I’ve already sent someone to investigate this issue with the asylum . We might be able to find a clue there . ”

The man became increasingly certain that his niece’s abrupt disappearance was because she was guilty of something or had some other unspeakable reasons .

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After all, no one would just vanish without a good cause, and clues were bound to surface sooner or later .

He then ordered his assistant, “Book plane tickets to return to the capital . ”

“W-What about the… young madam?”

“Send someone to keep guard of her . ”

“Understood . ”

The assistant immediately tasked someone to book them air tickets as the vehicle rode off into the distance .

Meanwhile, Qin Zhou could not help feeling momentarily fretful when he received news of his boss booking air tickets to return to the capital .

His charge was all the more disappointed in the man when she found out that he had, yet again, left without a word . Her mood plummeted even further into the pits .

Yun Shishi, however, was shocked by what her manager had told her next .

“Song Enya has gone missing . ”

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