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Published at 29th of October 2020 02:40:15 PM
Chapter 2015

Yun Shishi gritted her teeth and held him back .

Alas, Hua Jin would not listen, and he only went on to say, “As his man, you should protect her and trust her, yet you couldn’t even fully protect her! What right… do you have to be her man?! What right do you have to be angry with her?! Shishi is a good woman; even if you don’t know how to treasure her, at least don’t trample on her!”

“Don’t say anymore!”

The woman shook off his hand abruptly, but her heart could not help but turn cold .

Hearing this, Qin Zhou went forward in an instant . “Boss, calm down . There’s nothing that can’t be explained here . No need to be so furious about this . ”

The actor gritted his teeth and tightened his fists before sneering . “Mu Yazhe, I know your power reaches beyond the skies . Apart from being the capital’s business overlord whom no one dares to oppose, the Mu family also has a deep-rooted status and countless businesses . If I were to offend you, you could ban me with just a word, but did you think that I’d be afraid of you? In fact, I couldn’t help but look down on you! What’s the point of having so much power if you couldn’t even protect the woman you love?!

“She almost lost her life…” The man was cooled again as he questioned the other . “What do you mean by that?”

“I don’t know . All I know is that Shishi was deceived by a text message into going to the rooftop deck on the twenty-eighth floor . Then, a crazy woman, who wanted her dead, came out of nowhere! Did you know that that woman forced your wife to jump twenty-eight floors down with her? If your wife didn’t have fast reflexes and held onto the suspended pipeline, perhaps what you’d be seeing now was an ice-cold body!”

Mu Yazhe’s gaze turned cold .

‘Perhaps what you’d be seeing now was an ice-cold body!’

These words had indeed frightened him .

Yun Shishi held her hand which had been hurt by him as she stood at the side . She turned her face away without saying a word as tears soaked her face .

It had never crossed her mind to complain about how her husband had broken a promise last night .

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However, when she saw the doubt in his eyes, her heart instantly chilled .

She was a woman, after all . After being frightened, she hoped that he would embrace her and console her gently the moment he saw her .

Alas, not only did he not do that, he even doubted her .


Did she have to work hard to explain what had happened to him?

There was no need!

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There would not be any doubt if there was trust . If there was doubt, what was the point in explaining?

He simply did not trust her enough .

The woman was certain of that .

“What he said earlier, is it true?” asked Mu Yazhe to her .

He did not know about this situation when he was at the police station earlier .

Even her manager was unaware of this detail . He only knew that his wife had been in great peril . He did not know that she had only been a step away from death .

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The actress’s lips curled into an icy smile as she looked at him slowly and retorted casually, “Does it matter so much to you whether it’s true or not?”

“How is that unimportant?!”

He almost lost her . How could it not be important?

The man knew that the woman before him was furious with him . Perhaps it was because of the awards ceremony which he had failed to attend with her .

Therefore, she was angry at him for not turning up despite making a promise .

When he thought about this, he began to feel that it was logical for this woman to be feeling emotional .

Mu Yazhe cast his cold gaze at Hua Jin, who was sitting on the bed looking at him with a guarded look . Even though there were outsiders right now, the first thing he needed to do was to coax his wife .

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