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Published at 29th of October 2020 02:40:20 PM
Chapter 2014

His words were cold and void of emotions that it was spine-chilling .

The woman did not avoid his accusing words and, instead, met his orbs with a hostile look .

She retaliated without hesitation, “Why do I want you here?”

The man kept quiet and then retorted with a sinking expression on his face, “Have I disturb you with my presence?”

He looked sublimely at Hua Jin as he asked that .

He was agitated by the recollection of their intimacy . When he pushed open the door and saw them holding hands in their sleep, he was strangely irked for an unapparent reason .

He hated the thought of her hanging out with other men, even more so when she had held hands with this chap on the bed .

His uninvited fury hurt the woman inwardly .

To her, his doubts and disdain were uncalled for, and it tore open the wound in her heart once more .

What is this man upset about? Is he angry with Hua Jin?

Is he suspecting me of infidelity?

Also, what did he mean by disturbing me with his presence?

This man can be so cruel and hurtful with his words sometimes!

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She was quivering with anger by then . Breaking out in a hateful jest, she stood up tersely, put her hands on his chest, and pushed him toward the exit with all her might . “Get lost!”

He was unprepared for her sudden action and stumbled a few steps backward .

He could not believe his ears . Glaring squarely into her eyes, he sneered . “You want me to get lost?”

She stood firmly as she stared back fiercely, spitting icily, “Yes, I told you to get lost . I don’t want to see you!”

Just then, Qin Zhou and Min Yu arrived at the ward to bump into the couple fighting .

Both exchanged glances . They did not expect the man and the woman to be caught in an ugly face-off .

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The man’s forehead creased into a deep frown over her blatant rejection of him . His deep-set eyes sized up her face with a look of accusation and anger .

“What are you trying to do now? Are you chasing me away because of another man?!”

Fury and jealousy had consumed the man at that point . He grabbed her hand for an answer .

His wrist power was strong and rough, causing her eyes to moisten from the pain . As she gritted her teeth angrily in pain, her eyes, which were looking at him, seemed to be saying something more .

Why did he think that I’m chasing him away because of another man?!

Was that all he could think of? He’s beyond reasoning!

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His ability to twist my words around to suit his thinking is simply incomprehensible!

His words also upset Hua Jin . Ignoring the wound on his abdomen, he sat up on the bed and pointed his finger accusingly at Mu Yazhe . “You! If… you still consider yourself a man, then stop being so rough and tactless with your wife!”

The man glared at the chap on the bed from the corner of his eye and rebuked coldly, “You have no right to speak!”

“Why not?” With tears brimming in his eyes, the young man found a strange burst of courage as he stood up for her . “Did you know… Did you know that she almost lost her life last night?!”

The man’s pupils contracted instantly when he heard that . Turning his attention to the chap on the bed, he questioned briskly, “What do you mean?”

“Hua Jin…”

Yun Shishi gritted her teeth and held him back .

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