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Published at 29th of October 2020 02:40:25 PM
Chapter 2013

Come to think of it; her suicide attempt was just a mean to divert his attention .

How ruthless could she be to use such a tactic on him? Most women would only go as far as hurting others to get their way . As for her, though, she had gone beyond the norm by being cruel to herself . It was indeed a chilling thought .

The proverb, ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,’ was an apt description of her in this chain of events .

Min Yu immediately dispatched a few men to keep watch at the hospital and the Song residence . They were to report the missy’s whereabouts as soon as they found her .

By the time Mu Yazhe reached the hospital in Sea City, it had already turned dark and cold .

He opened the door to the ward and saw her sitting next to the bed, fast asleep, with her head resting on top of Hua Jin’s torso . Even in the state of a deep slumber, her fingers were still tightly interlocked with the man on the bed .

Hua Jin was resting with his eyes closed when he was awakened by the visitor’s disturbing presence . When he opened his eyes, he could see a tall and lanky figure in a smart, three-piece suit standing at the ward entrance .

The handsome man walked in and fixed his eyes on their clasped hands . His orbs turned pensive and sullen, revealing his displeasure over their act of intimacy .

The woman must be truly exhausted as she remained unaware of the visitor’s intrusion . The man did not bother to hide his violent ire as he drew closer to them!

The actor’s sleepiness disappeared upon feeling the icy aura of the visitor . By the time he got over his shock, the man was already standing next to the bed; the latter’s hawkish eyes never left the pair of clasped hands .

He broke out in a cold sweat, asking in jittery, “W-What… do you want?”

“Let go . ”

It was a command and one that allowed no objection .

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The young chap only held tighter to her hand .

The man standing next to the bed was simply too terrifying with his territorial behavior .

“What are you thinking of doing?”

Mu Yazhe walked over and brusquely shoved the chap’s hands away from his wife’s .

The young man yelped in pain . He was practically defenseless against the visitor’s brute force . When he saw the guest taking Yun Shishi away, he cried in panic, “Don’t touch her!”

His hands instantly reached out to stop the man subconsciously, but the latter simply swept them away without a second look .

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“Get your hands away . ”


The violent action tore at his wound . The actor drew a sharp breath as pain shot through him . His face immediately turned pale . He tried to endure the pain coursing through him by gritting his teeth .

The stitches holding the wound were still raw and tender . The unexpected, violent action of Mu Yazhe had, in fact, raptured them, causing his unhealed wound to split open . Slowly, blood could be seen soaking through the bandages .

The woman was rudely awakened by their rough tussle . Looking up, she saw the young man holding his wound with face contorted in pain and quickly reached out to help him .

She could sense the hostile aura from the man behind her the moment she stood up . Turning her head over her shoulder, she was startled to see her husband .

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“Why… Why are you here?”

The man replied frostily with a question, instead, “Why should I not be here?”

She stared into his icily glaring eyes . In a tone that was equally frigid, she retorted, “What did you come here for?”

Her words were bitingly hostile . She could not suppress her anger the moment she recalled his broken promise .

At the same time, the man was also antagonized by her detached behavior and speech .

“You don’t seem to welcome me . ”

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