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Chapter 1996: 1996

“Hello, I am the room manager; are you Mr . Qin?”

“Yes . ”

“Is Madam Yun Shishi a friend of yours from work?”

Hearing this, he opened the door anxiously .

The room manager stood by the door with an urgent and guilty expression .

“Did something happen to her?” asked Qin Zhou .

“It’s like this… The madam is currently a suspect in a homicide case . She’s already been brought away by the police for investigation . ”

He stiffened in shock .

“Homicide?” He laughed all of a sudden . “What kind of joke are you pulling?”

The room manager smiled back politely . “I am not joking with you . ”

With that, she passed a name card to him with both hands . He took it and saw that it was indeed the name card of the uniformed personnel from the public security bureau . On it was the police department’s address and contact number .

Qin Zhou’s expression froze in an instant . With his eyebrows creased, he raised his head and inquired, “When was she taken away?”

“About fifteen minutes ago . ”

“Homicide… Since it’s a homicide case, who is the victim?”

“A young woman . Her identity is currently unknown, and it is beyond our authority to know more than this . ” The room manager nodded her head . “I’ve already relayed the situation to you; do you have any other questions?”

“No . ”

“Okay . ”

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She turned around and left .

He held the name card tightly in his hand and dashed back into his room . After changing into a set of casual wear, he rushed anxiously to the address of the police department stated in the name card .

When he walked to the hotel’s entrance and was preparing to take a cab, he saw the flashing lights of the ambulance .

He cast a sidelong glance over, only to see that the body had been taken care of and was being sent to the morgue .

However, despite it being late in the night and the lights being dim, the scarlet and coagulated blood on the ground remained extremely striking .

The weather was cold; thus, the blood had solidified .

Qin Zhou frowned . As he watched the ambulance leave, an indescribable chilliness surfaced in his heart .

In the police department, the incandescent light was bright and painful to the eyes .

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Yun Shishi had a cup in her hands, but she did not feel thirsty at all . She was only using it for warmth as her hands were too cold .

A few policemen sat opposite her, with pens in their hands as they questioned her while taking down notes .

It was silent in the interrogation room aside from the voices of the police officers echoing incessantly in her ears .

Were the voices of all uniformed men made to sound like bells in order to intimidate criminals?

After an hour of transcription and endless inquiry, she was exhausted .


It would be more appropriate to call it an interrogation, instead .

Only the heavens knew why she wanted to end this interrogation urgently .

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Hua Jin was still in the hospital, and his condition was unknown .

She could not calm her heart down for even a moment, yet she had no choice but to be trapped here right now and endure this dull and torturous interrogation .

No matter how much she tried to explain herself, the police officers continued to question her like a criminal . Perhaps it was a method of interrogation, but she truly did not kill anyone .

She did not kill anyone!

Yun Shishi lethargically continued to defend herself against the police officers’ interrogation . “Police comrades, you don’t have to use such an unyielding attitude toward me . I really, really didn’t kill anyone! When are you all going to release me?”

“It isn’t up to your words whether you did kill someone or not! We must go through a thorough investigation before getting the results! Right now, this is just a prior suspicion . We have yet to make any conclusion . You don’t have to keep explaining yourself . In fact, it makes it more suspicious that you are doing so . You seem to have something to hide!”

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