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Published at 22nd of October 2020 11:05:09 PM
Chapter 1995

“Wait for me!”

Yun Shishi called to them, but in the next second, the doors to the ambulance were shut tightly as it sped off with the sirens blaring .

Many people had gathered around and were pointing at the scene .

“What happened?”

“Someone jumped off the building and a man was stabbed . He lost a lot of blood…”

“He was stabbed?! Then, can he still be saved?”

“There shouldn’t be much of an issue . ”

“You wouldn’t know! When I was studying, I saw someone getting stabbed in the stomach during a brawl at the gates of my school . He knelt on the floor, holding his stomach for twenty minutes before he lost consciousness . When the ambulance arrived, he was pronounced dead on the spot!”

“It’s that terrifying?”

“Yes . They said that it’s hopeless as he was stabbed in the liver . ”

“The youth nowadays… They really don’t know how to treasure their lives at all! Going around, getting into fights—do they think it’s like the underworld in movies?”

“In any case, he still can be saved after getting stabbed by a dagger even if he’s lost a lot of blood, but if one of his vital organs was hit… sigh!”

“Say; do you think it’s some farce between his wife and a third party?”

“I am unsure… This is such a calamity!”

Yun Shishi stood rooted to the spot, her expression blank and dazed .

She watched as people crowded the entrance, pointing at something on the ground .

She walked over while preoccupied, only to see a body with blood pouring out of her broken head and her four limbs splayed out .

It was Mu Wanrou!

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She was terrified from just a glance . She turned her head away, afraid to take another look .

Her death was too malevolent .

She fell from the rooftop and was blown by the wind, finally smashing down onto the middle of the plaza . That area was the car park, and her body had smashed onto one of the cars, causing the roof of the vehicle to cave in and the windshields to shatter into smithereens .

When the body landed on the ground, her four limbs were twisted weirdly while her head had completely changed in shape . The back of her head had split open, causing the pedestrians, especially the children, to scream in shock and horror…

Several pedestrians looked from the sidelines curiously before they scowled in horror at the horrendous sight in front of them .

“This is too horrible…”

“Her brain juices are flowing out…”

“She looked so young . Was there a need to take her life?”

“That’s right . Some people wish they can survive but can’t, and then there are those who have a chance at leading a good life but seek death, instead . I really can’t understand them!”

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She had never seen such a brutal death before .

Her impression of what it looked to fall to one’s death was restricted to the confines of a movie . She had never thought that it would be this grotesque .

The police cars arrived right after the ambulance left .

After interrogating the lobby manager, the police made a beeline for the crime scene to conduct their investigation .

A police cordon was immediately put in place as these men in uniform headed in, bending over to examine the condition of the body .

“This is terrible . How did she fall?”

“Her head was completely smashed . ”

Yun Shishi stood at the side and suddenly mumbled, “She fell… from the rooftop of this twenty-eight-story building . ”

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The police raised their heads abruptly . “How did you know that?”

“Because—” She tugged at the corner of her lips . “I saw her fall with my eyes . ”

Qin Zhou was rudely awakened by the anxious ringing of the doorbell .

He was exhausted from running around all day . Therefore, he went to sleep very early when he returned to the hotel .

When he was awakened by the doorbell, he raised his wrist to look at the time on his watch . It was 2 AM .

He put on his bathrobe and walked to the door before questioning in an unfriendly manner, “Who is it? It’s late into the night . What’s the matter?”

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